Här nedan finns länkar till alla doktorsavhandlingar som försvarats vid Psykologiska institutionen sedan 2010. Länkarna går till publikationsdatabasen DiVA, där du ofta kan hitta åtminstone den så kallade kappan i fulltext. (Årtalet avser publikationsår, ej disputationsår.)

Doktorsavhandlingar i DiVA sedan 2010

Författare Titel År
Alexander Miloff
Virtual reality exposure therapy for spider phobia 2020
Elmeri Syrjänen
The effects of valenced odors on facial perception 2020
Sebastian Cancino Montecinos
New perspectives on cognitive dissonance theory 2020
Ekaterina Ivanova
Responsible provision of online gambling : Effects, usability and gamblers’ experiences of protective measures implemented in online gambling environments 2019
Rasmus Eklund
Electrophysiological correlates of consciousness 2019
Jakob Jonsson
Preventing problem gambling: Focus on overconsumption 2019
Henrik Nordström
Emotional Communication in the Human Voice 2019
Mårten Tyrberg
Bringing psychological treatment to the psychiatric ward : Affecting patients, staff, and the milieu 2019
Azadé Azad
Characteristics of adolescent females with limited delinquency : Developmental challenges in relation to family, peers and education 2019
Kristina Petersén Karlsson
Autobiographical Memory : Depending on sensory retrieval cue and gender 2019
Nichel Gonzalez
Interest to Reinvest : Individuals’ use of numerical information for investment decisions 2018
Stina Cornell Kärnekull
Auditory and Olfactory Abilities in Blind and Sighted Individuals : More Similarities than Differences 2018
Andreas Jemstedt
Metacognitive Aspects of Learning : What Influences Magnitude and Accuracy of Ease-of-Learning Judgments? 2018
Ingrid Ekström
Human olfaction : Associations with longitudinal assessment of episodic memory, dementia, and mortality risk 2018
Johanna Stengård
Being stuck in the workplace : Who is locked-in and what are the implications for well-being and health? 2018
David Forsström
The use and experience of responsible gambling tools : An explorative analysis of user behavior regarding a responsible gambling tool and the consequences of use 2017
Camilla von Below
When psychotherapy does not help : ...and when it does: Lessons from young adults' experiences of psychoanalytic psychotherapy 2017
Eva Charlotta Nylén
Psykosocial arbetsmiljö i välfärdssektorn : Krav i arbetet, resurser i arbetet och personliga resurser samt betydelsen av organiserade arbetsmiljöinsatser 2017
Maria Öhrstedt
Högskolestudenters lärande : Ett lärstrategiskt perspektiv på studier i psykologi 2017
Max Larsson Sundqvist
Effects of retrieval and articulation on memory 2017
Michael Ingre
P-hacking in academic research : a critical review of the job strain model and of the association between night work and breast cancer in women 2017
Ivo Todorov
Individual Differences in Multitasking : Support for Spatiotemporal Offloading 2017
Alexander Rozental
Negative effects of Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy : Monitoring and reporting deterioration and adverse and unwanted events 2017
Kristina Sundqvist
Beyond Recreational Gambling : a Psychological Perspective on Risk- and Problem Gambling 2016
Anders Sand
Subliminal or not? : An appraisal of semantic processing in the near absence of visual awareness 2016
Catherine Sundling
Overall Accessibility of Public Transport for Older Adults 2016
Ninni Persson
The aging brain and changes in cognitive performance : Findings from morphometry and quantitative susceptibility mapping of iron 2015
Lena Låstad
Job insecurity climate : The nature of the construct, its associations with outcomes, and its relation to individual job insecurity 2015
Maria Rådsten Ekman
Unwanted wanted sounds : Perception of sounds from water structures in urban soundscapes 2015
Stefan Annell
Hållbar polisrekrytering : Teoretiska, metodologiska och praktiska perspektiv på rekrytering och urval 2015
Aram Seddigh
Office type, performance and well-being : A study of how personality and work tasks interact with contemporary office environments and ways of working 2015
Tina Sundelin
The Face of Sleep Loss 2015
Malin Mattson
Promoting safety in organizations : The role of leadership and managerial practices 2015
Constanze Eib
Processes of Organizational Justice : Insights into the perception and enactment of justice 2015
Hanna Li Kusterer
Women and men in management : Stereotypes, evaluation and discourse 2014
Peter Lilliengren
Exploring therapeutic action in psychoanalytic psychotherapy : Attachment to therapist and change 2014
Veit Kubik
Effects of Testing and Enactment on Memory 2014
Johanna Stålnacke
Rough beginnings : Executive function in adolescents and young adults after preterm birth and repeat antenatal corticosteroid treatment 2014
Lisa Folkesson Hellstadius
Psychobiological functioning in mid-adolescent girls and boys : Linkages to self reported stress, self-esteem and recurrent pain 2014
Malena Ivarsson
Psycho-physiological reactions to violent video gaming : Experimental studies of heart rate variability, cortisol, sleep and emotional reactions in teenage boys 2014
Niklas Hansen
Arbetsvillkor i privat och offentlig sjukvård : Implikationer för personalens attityder och hälsa 2014
Sofia Sjöberg
Utilizing research in the practice of personnel selection : General mental ability, personality, and job performance 2014
Gabriella Eriksson
On Physical Relations in Driving: Judgements, Cognition and Perception 2014
Marie Gustafsson Sendén
Personal Pronouns in Evaluative Communication 2014
Kristina Langhammer
Employee selection : Mechanisms behind practitioners’ preference for hiring practices 2013
Jesper J. Alvarsson
Perspectives on wanted and unwanted sounds in outdoor environments : Studies of masking, stress recovery, and speech intelligibility 2013
Cecilia U. D. Stenfors
Subjective Cognitive Complaints in the Working Population : The Influence of Objective Cognitive Functioning and Working Conditions 2013
Marianne Jakobsson
Decisions with Medium to Long-Term Consequences : Decision Processes and Structures 2013
Gergö Hadlaczky
Coincidences and Paranormal Belief 2013
Rio Cederlund
Social anxiety disorder in children and adolescents : assessment, maintaining factors, and treatment 2013



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