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De 25 senaste doktorsavhandlingarna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Carlos Tirado Aldana
The psychophysics of human echolocation 2021
Hellen P. Vergoossen
Breaking the Binary : Attitudes towards and cognitive effects of gender-neutral pronouns 2021
Joel Gruneau Brulin
Security in the welfare state : Attachment, religion and secularity 2021
Rikard Sunnhed
Cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy for insomnia disorder : efficacy, moderators and mediators 2021
David Bergman
Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? : Parachute training, self-efficacy and leading in combat 2021
Lichen Ma
In search of the missing bias : Virtual reality based attentional bias modification for social anxiety 2020
Diana Persson
Effects of adult aging on socioemotional perception : Evidence from behavior and brain 2020
Malina Szychowska
Effects of visual load on auditory processing 2020
Alicia Ohlsson
Adaptive behaviors and skills in high-level military staff work : Coping with organizational demands, use of smooth power, and political skill 2020
Alexander Miloff
Virtual reality exposure therapy for spider phobia 2020
Elmeri Syrjänen
The effects of valenced odors on facial perception 2020
Sebastian Cancino Montecinos
New perspectives on cognitive dissonance theory 2020
Ekaterina Ivanova
Responsible provision of online gambling : Effects, usability and gamblers’ experiences of protective measures implemented in online gambling environments 2019
Rasmus Eklund
Electrophysiological correlates of consciousness 2019
Jakob Jonsson
Preventing problem gambling: Focus on overconsumption 2019
Henrik Nordström
Emotional Communication in the Human Voice 2019
Mårten Tyrberg
Bringing psychological treatment to the psychiatric ward : Affecting patients, staff, and the milieu 2019
Azadé Azad
Characteristics of adolescent females with limited delinquency : Developmental challenges in relation to family, peers and education 2019
Kristina Petersén Karlsson
Autobiographical Memory : Depending on sensory retrieval cue and gender 2019
Nichel Gonzalez
Interest to Reinvest : Individuals’ use of numerical information for investment decisions 2018
Stina Cornell Kärnekull
Auditory and Olfactory Abilities in Blind and Sighted Individuals : More Similarities than Differences 2018
Andreas Jemstedt
Metacognitive Aspects of Learning : What Influences Magnitude and Accuracy of Ease-of-Learning Judgments? 2018
Ingrid Ekström
Human olfaction : Associations with longitudinal assessment of episodic memory, dementia, and mortality risk 2018
Johanna Stengård
Being stuck in the workplace : Who is locked-in and what are the implications for well-being and health? 2018
David Forsström
The use and experience of responsible gambling tools : An explorative analysis of user behavior regarding a responsible gambling tool and the consequences of use 2017


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