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Författare Titel År
Thomas Clausen, Line Rosendahl Meldgaard Pedersen, Malene Friis Andersen,
et al.
Job autonomy and psychological well-being : A linear or a non-linear association? 2021
Maria Carliana Mota, Catarina Mendes Silva, Laura Cristina Tibiletti Balieiro,
et al.
Social Jetlag Is Associated With Impaired Metabolic Control During a 1-Year Follow-Up 2021
Hannah Roggenkamp, Allan Abbass, Joel M. Town,
et al.
Healthcare cost reduction and psychiatric symptom improvement in posttraumatic stress disorder patients treated with intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy 2021
Mark B. Powers, Emily Carl, Andrew Levihn-Coon,
et al.
Nonpharmacologic Pain Management Among Hospitalized Inpatients : A Randomized Waitlist-Controlled Trial of Standard Virtual Reality (CGI VR) Versus Video Capture VR (360 degrees 3D/Stereoscopic Video Capture VR) 2021
Javier Mora-Salgueiro, Aitana García-Estela, Bridget Hogg,
et al.
The Prevalence and Clinical and Sociodemographic Factors of Problem Online Gambling : A Systematic Review 2021
Kimmo Sorjonen, Daniel Falkstedt, Alma Sörberg Wallin,
et al.
Dangers of residual confounding : a cautionary tale featuring cognitive ability, socioeconomic background, and education 2021
Igor Radun, Andres Levitski, Mattias Wahde,
et al.
Sleepy drivers on a slippery road : A pilot study using a driving simulator 2021
Benedict C. Jones, Lisa M. DeBruine, Jessica K. Flake,
et al.
To which world regions does the valence–dominance model of social perception apply? 2021
Elmeri Syrjänen, Håkan Fischer, Marco Tullio Liuzza,
et al.
A Review of the Effects of Valenced Odors on Face Perception and Evaluation 2021
Jonas K. Olofsson, Stephen Pierzchajlo
Olfactory Language : Context Is Everything 2021
Susanna Walter, Michael P. Jones, Jenny Sjödahl,
et al.
Measuring the impact of gastrointestinal inconvenience and symptoms on perceived health in the general population - validation of the Short Health Scale for gastrointestinal symptoms (SHS-GI) 2021
Yannick Griep, Ivana Vranjes, Johannes M. Kraak,
et al.
Start Small, not Random : Why does Justifying your Time-Lag Matter? 2021
Cristina Villalba-García, Mikel Jimenez, Dolores Luna,
et al.
Competition between perceptual grouping cues in an indirect objective task 2021
Katrina Blindow, Fredrik Bondestam, Gun Johansson,
et al.
Sexual and gender harassment in Swedish workplaces : A prospective cohort study on implications for long-term sickness absence 2021
Wessel M. A. van Leeuwen, Claire Pekcan, Mike Barnett,
et al.
Mathematical modelling of sleep and sleepiness under various watch keeping schedules in the maritime industry 2021
Castela Forte, Andrei Voinea, Malina Chichirau,
et al.
Deep Learning for Identification of Acute Illness and Facial Cues of Illness 2021
Hampus Bejnö, Lise Pettersson Roll, Lars Klintwall Högberg,
et al.
Adapting the Preschool Environment to the Needs of Children on the Autism Spectrum in Sweden : A quasi-experimental study 2021
Martin Schweinsberg, Michael Feldman, Nicola Staub,
et al.
Same data, different conclusions : Radical dispersion in empirical results when independent analysts operationalize and test the same hypothesis 2021
Hanne Berthelsen, Mikaela Owen, Hugo Westerlund
Does workplace social capital predict care quality through job satisfaction and stress at the clinic? A prospective study 2021
Christina S. Dintica, Miriam L. Haaksma, Jonas K. Olofsson,
et al.
Joint trajectories of episodic memory and odor identification in older adults : patterns and predictors 2021
Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, Michal Bilewicz
Moral-Exemplar Intervention : A New Paradigm for Conflict Resolution and Intergroup Reconciliation 2021
Nora Wiium, Marianne Beck, Laura Ferrer-Wreder
The Importance of Developmental Assets to Mental Health in Norwegian Youth 2021
Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Emma Renström, Anna Lindqvist
Pronouns Beyond the Binary : The Change of Attitudes and Use Over Time 2021
Lars Klintwall, Martin Bellander, Matti Cervin
Perceived Causal Problem Networks : Reliability, Central Problems, and Clinical Utility for Depression 2021
Lilianne Eninger, Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Kyle Eichas,
et al.
A Cluster Randomized Trial of Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS®) With Swedish Preschool Children 2021
Artin Arshamian, Tina Sundelin, Ewelina Wnuk,
et al.
Human sickness detection is not dependent on cultural experience 2021
Emma Hagqvist, Anna Nyberg, Constanze Leineweber
A Theoretical Development of the Gender Embodiment of Enrichment : A Study of Gender Norms in Enrichment and Factors Related to Enrichment in a Sample of the Swedish Working Population 2021
Naoto Yoshimura, Koichi Morimoto, Mariko Murai,
et al.
Age of smile : a cross-cultural replication report of Ganel and Goodale (2018) 2021
Ananda Lais Felix Garrido, Adriana de Sousa Duarte, Patricia Teixeira Santana,
et al.
Eating habits, sleep, and a proxy for circadian disruption are correlated with dyslipidemia in overweight night workers 2021
Peter Grieve, Sarah J. Egan, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
The impact of internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for perfectionism on different measures of perfectionism : a randomised controlled trial 2021
Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Petri Laukka, Jean Althoff,
et al.
What Do We Hear in the Voice? An Open-Ended Judgment Study of Emotional Speech Prosody 2021
Patricia A. Nehme, Luisa P. Marot, Luciana F. R. Nogueira,
et al.
A Nutritional Counseling Program Prevents an Increase in Workers' Dietary Intake and Body Weight During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021
Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Kyle Eichas, Delia Stefenel,
et al.
The Importance of Positive Psychological Strengths in Well-Being and Adjustment of Romanian Emerging Adults : A Pattern and Variable-Oriented Approach 2021
Petri Laukka, Tanja Bänziger, Alexandra Israelsson,
et al.
Investigating individual differences in emotion recognition ability using the ERAM test 2021
Yannick Griep, Els Vanbelle, Anja van den Broeck,
et al.
Active emotions and personal growth initiative fuel employees' daily job crafting : A multilevel study 2021
Roz Shafran, Pamela Myles-Hooton, Sophie Bennett,
et al.
The concept and definition of low intensity cognitive behaviour therapy 2021
Nicholas J. Talley, James L. Alexander, Marjorie M. Walker,
et al.
Ileocolonic Histopathological and Microbial Alterations in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome : A Nested Community Case-Control Study 2021
Rasmus Eklund, Billy Gerdfeldter, Stefan Wiens
The early but not the late neural correlate of auditory awareness reflects lateralized experiences 2021
Paraskevi Peristera, Anna Nyberg, Linda L. Magnusson Hanson,
et al.
How consistently does sleep quality improve at retirement? Prospective analyses with group-based trajectory models 2021
Nora Choque Olsson, Pernilla Juth, Emma Högberg Ragnarsson,
et al.
Treatment satisfaction with cognitive-behavioral therapy among children and adolescents with anxiety and depression : A systematic review and meta-synthesis 2021
Arzu Aydinli-Karakulak, Beyza Tepe, Elif Nurcan,
et al.
How prosocial behavior turns bad into good : An examination among Turkish-Bulgarian adolescents 2021
Arne Lowden, Göran Kecklund
Considerations on how to light the night-shift 2021
Rita Žukauskienė, Goda Kaniušonytė, Lars R. Bergman,
et al.
The Role of Social Support in Identity Processes and Posttraumatic Growth : A Study of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence 2021
Ke Wang, Jeremy K. Miller, Karolina Grzech,
et al.
A multi-country test of brief reappraisal interventions on emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic 2021
Frank Pega, Bálint Náfrádi, Natalie C. Momen,
et al.
Global, regional, and national burdens of ischemic heart disease and stroke attributable to exposure to long working hours for 194 countries, 2000-2016 : A systematic analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury 2021
Behzad Iravani, Artin Arshamian, Mikael Lundqvist,
et al.
Odor identity can be extracted from the reciprocal connectivity between olfactory bulb and piriform cortex in humans 2021
Claes Andersson, Marcus Bendtsen, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Does the management of personal integrity information lead to differing participation rates and response patterns in mental health surveys with young adults? A three-armed methodological experiment 2021
Aleksandra Bujacz, Ann Rudman, Petter Gustavsson,
et al.
Psychosocial working conditions of shiftworking nurses : A long-term latent transition analysis 2021
Emma Björkenstam, Magnus Helgesson, Klas Gustafsson,
et al.
Sickness absence due to common mental disorders in young employees in Sweden : are there differences in occupational class and employment sector? 2021
Magnus Helgesson, Klas Gustafsson, Staffan Marklund,
et al.
Sickness Absence and Sickness Presence Among Health and Care Employees in Sweden-Health Complaints, Health Behavior, and Future Long-Term Sickness Absence 2021


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