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Thekla Morgenroth, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Anna Lindqvist,
et al.
Defending the Sex/Gender Binary : The Role of Gender Identification and Need for Closure 2020
Anders Sand
A gentle reminder that mean does not imply modal behavior : Few are in-group biased in minimal groups 2020
Alexander Nordgren Selar, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
“It’s [Not] All ‘Bout the Money” : How do Performance-based Pay and Support of Psychological Needs Variables Relate to Job Performance? 2020
David Forsström, Christopher Sundström, Anne H. Berman,
et al.
Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Problematic Alcohol Use in a Workplace Setting : Protocol for Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Feasibility and Outcomes 2020
Edwin C. K. Tan, Duangjai Lexomboon, Henrike Häbel,
et al.
Xerogenic Medications as a Predictor for Dental Health Intervention in People with Dementia 2020
Julia Uddén, Mauricio de Jesus Dias Martins, Willem Zuidema,
et al.
Hierarchical Structure in Sequence Processing : How to Measure It and Determine Its Neural Implementation 2020
Maria Bragesjö, Karin Larsson, Lisa Nordlund,
et al.
Early Psychological Intervention After Rape : A Feasibility Study 2020
Sofia Malmrud, Helena Falkenberg, Constanze Eib,
et al.
Just What I See? Implications of Congruence Between Supervisors’ and Employees’ Perceptions of Pay Justice for Employees’ Work-Related Attitudes and Behaviors 2020
Daniel Kwasi Ahorsu, Chung-Ying Lin, Vida Imani,
et al.
Testing an app-based intervention to improve insomnia in patients with epilepsy : A randomized controlled trial 2020
Gunnar Bergström, Klas Gustafsson, Emmanuel Aboagye,
et al.
A Resourceful Work Environment Moderates the Relationship between Presenteeism and Health. A Study Using Repeated Measures in the Swedish Working Population 2020
Diana Cortes S., Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Amirhossein Manzouri,
et al.
Does single-dose intranasal oxytocin facilitate neural recruitment in younger and older adults during negative compared to positive dynamic multimodal expressions? 2020
David R. Serfaty, Aaron D. Cherniak, Rael D. Strous
How are psychotic symptoms and treatment factors affected by religion? A cross-sectional study about religious coping among ultra-Orthodox Jews 2020
Malina Szychowska, Stefan Wiens
Visual load effects on the auditory steady state responses to 20-, 40-, and 80-Hz amplitude-modulated tones 2020
Malina Szychowska, Stefan Wiens
Visual load does not decrease the auditory steady state response to 40-Hz amplitude-modulated tones 2020
Diana Cortes S., Christina Tornberg, Tanja Bänziger,
et al.
Effects of aging on emotion recognition from dynamic multimodal expressions and vocalizations 2020
William Montgomery, Henry Montgomery, Tommy Gärling
How situational activation of values evokes positive and negative feelings : Theory and experimental findings 2020
Giorgio Tettamanti, Anssi Auvinen, Torbjörn Åkerstedt,
et al.
Long-term effect of mobile phone use on sleep quality : Results from the cohort study of mobile phone use and health (COSMOS) 2020
Karina Mostert, Jaco Pienaar
The moderating effect of social support on the relationship between burnout, intention to drop out, and satisfaction with studies of first-year university students 2020
Lichen Ma, Anne-Wil Kruijt, Anna-Karin Ek,
et al.
Seeking neutral : A VR-based person-identity-matching task for attentional bias modification – A randomised controlled experiment 2020
Hwan Kim, Hyunjin Kim, Woo-Kyeong Lee,
et al.
Assessing procrastination in Korean : A study of the translation and validation of the Pure Procrastination Scale and a reexamination of the Irrational Procrastination Scale in a student and community sample 2020
Devy Lysandra Elling, Martina Wilson, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Effectiveness of Combining Organizational Alcohol Policy and Skills Training for Managers to Reduce Hazardous Alcohol Consumption in Swedish Workplaces : Study Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Study 2020
Luisa W. Hugerth, Anna Andreasson, Nicholas J. Talley,
et al.
No distinct microbiome signature of irritable bowel syndrome found in a Swedish random population 2020
Markus Jansson-Fröjmark, Rikard Sunnhed
Psychometric Properties of Two Brief Versions of Cognitive, Insomnia-Specific Measures : The Anxiety and Preoccupation About Sleep Questionnaire and the Sleep-Associated Monitoring Index 2020
Radoslaw Rogoza, Magdalena Zemojtel-Piotrowska, Peter K. Jonason,
et al.
Structure of Dark Triad Dirty Dozen Across Eight World Regions 2020
Junhua Dang, Xiaoping Liu, Shanshan Xiao,
et al.
The Beauty of the Zero : Replications and Extensions of the Hidden-Zero Effect in Delay Discounting Tasks 2020
A. Oleszkiewicz, F. Kunkel, Maria Larsson,
et al.
Consequences of undetected olfactory loss for human chemosensory communication and well-being 2020
Hanne Berthelsen, Mikaela Owen, Katharina Wretlind,
et al.
Does staff-assessed care quality predict early failure of dental fillings? A prospective study 2020
Jesper Strömbäck, Yariv Tsfati, Hajo Boomgaarden,
et al.
News media trust and its impact on media use : toward a framework for future research 2020
Ewelina Smoktunowicz, Azy Barak, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
Consensus statement on the problem of terminology in psychological interventions using the internet or digital components 2020
Olof Molander, Philip Lindner, Jonas Ramnerö,
et al.
Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for problem gambling in routine care : protocol for a non-randomized pilot and feasibility trial 2020
Alexander Miloff, Philip Lindner, Per Carlbring
The Future of Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias : Beyond Simple Exposures 2020
Jakob Mechler, Karin Lindqvist, Fredrik Falkenström,
et al.
Emotion Regulation as a Time-Invariant and Time-Varying Covariate Predicts Outcome in an Internet-Based Psychodynamic Treatment Targeting Adolescent Depression 2020
Jakob Mechler, Karin Lindqvist, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Internet-based psychodynamic versus cognitive behaviour therapy for adolescents with depression : study protocol for a non-inferiority randomized controlled trial (the ERiCA study) 2020
Philip Lindner, Alexander Rozental, Alice Jurell,
et al.
Experiences of Gamified and Automated Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Spider Phobia : Qualitative Study 2020
Tian Lin, Håkan Fischer, Marcia K. Johnson,
et al.
The effects of face attractiveness on face memory depend on both age of perceiver and age of face 2020
Jakob Jonsson, David C. Hodgins, Ingrid Munck,
et al.
Reaching out to big losers leads to sustained reductions in gambling over 1 year : a randomized controlled trial of brief motivational contact 2020
Pengfei Han, Ilona Croy, Claudia Raue,
et al.
Neural processing of odor-associated words : an fMRI study in patients with acquired olfactory loss 2020
David Forsström, Philip Lindner, Markus Jansson-Fröjmark,
et al.
GamTest : Psychometric Evaluation in a Low-Gambling General Population 2020
Gunvor Launes, Kristen Hagen, Lars-Göran Öst,
et al.
The Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT) for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder : Outcomes for Patients Treated After Initial Waiting List or Self-Help Intervention 2020
Alexander Rozental, Radha Kothari, Tracey Wade,
et al.
Reconsidering perfect : a qualitative study of the experiences of internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for perfectionism 2020
Charlotte Björkenstam, Krisztina D. László, Cecilia Orellana,
et al.
Sickness absence and disability pension in relation to first childbirth and in nulliparous women according to occupational groups : a cohort study of 492,504 women in Sweden 2020
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Johanna Stengård, Constanze Leineweber,
et al.
Stuck at a workplace : What’s work control, demands and learning got to do with it? A longitudinal multilevel study on Swedish permanent employees in situations of ‘workplace locked-in’ 2020
Lie Åslund, Mats Lekander, Rikard K. Wicksell,
et al.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia in adolescents with comorbid psychiatric disorders : A clinical pilot study 2020
M. Forsner, G. Elvhage, Béatrice M. Ewalds-Kvist,
et al.
Moral Challenges When Suspecting Abuse and Neglect in School Children : A Mixed Method Study 2020
Tobias Lundgren, Gustaf Reinebo, Markus Näslund,
et al.
Acceptance and Commitment Training to Promote Psychological Flexibility in Ice Hockey Performance : A Controlled Group Feasibility Study 2020
Ellionore Jarbrink-Sehgal, Anna Andreasson
The gut microbiota and mental health in adults 2020
Georgia Sarolidou, Arnaud Tognetti, Julie Lasselin,
et al.
Olfactory Communication of Sickness Cues in Respiratory Infection 2020
Eduard Vilaplana, Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez, Daniel Ferreira,
et al.
Cortical microstructural correlates of astrocytosis in autosomal-dominant Alzheimer disease 2020
Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Aiko Murata, Kyoshiro Sasaki,
et al.
Your Face and Moves Seem Happier When I Smile Facial Action Influences the Perception of Emotional Faces and Biological Motion Stimuli 2020
Sarah Thomas, Kyle Eichas, Lilianne Eninger,
et al.
Psychometric Properties of a Swedish Translation of the Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales (PKBS) : A Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling Analysis 2020


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