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Diana S. Cortes, Michael Skragge, Lillian Döllinger,
et al.
Mixed support for a causal link between single dose intranasal oxytocin and spiritual experiences : opposing effects depending on individual proclivities for absorption 2018
Johanna Schwarz, Andreas Gerhardsson, Wessel van Leeuwen,
et al.
Does sleep deprivation increase the vulnerability to acute psychosocial stress in young and older adults? 2018
Alexander Rozental, Sophie Bennett, David Forsström,
et al.
Targeting Procrastination Using Psychological Treatments : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2018
Alexander Rozental, Louis Castonguay, Sona Dimidjian,
et al.
Negative effects in psychotherapy: commentary and recommendations for future research and clinical practice 2018
Tine Nordgreen, Rolf Gjestad, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
The effectiveness of guided internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder in a routine care setting 2018
Philip Lindner, Ola Siljeholm, Magnus Johansson,
et al.
Combining online Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) with a parent-training programme for parents with partners suffering from alcohol use disorder : study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 2018
Jakub Kraus, Andreas Frick, Håkan Fischer,
et al.
Amygdala reactivity and connectivity during social and non-social aversive stimulation in social anxiety disorder 2018
Abbas Abdollahi, Mansor Abu Talib, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Problem-solving skills and perceived stress among undergraduate students : The moderating role of hardiness 2018
Kristoffer Magnusson, Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring
The Consequences of Ignoring Therapist Effects in Trials With Longitudinal Data : A Simulation Study 2018
K. Chiotis, L. Saint-Aubert, E. Rodriguez-Vieitez,
et al.
Longitudinal changes of tau PET imaging in relation to hypometabolism in prodromal and Alzheimer's disease dementia 2018
Irina Nikolova, Beatrice Van der Heijden, Lena Låstad,
et al.
The silent assassin in your organization? Can job insecurity climate erode the beneficial effect of a high-quality leader-member exchange? 2018
Thomas H. Ollendick, Lars-Göran Öst, Lara J. Farrell
Innovations in the psychosocial treatment of youth with anxiety disorders : implications for a stepped care approach 2018
Sean Minns, Andrew Levihn-Coon, Emily Carl,
et al.
Immersive 3D exposure-based treatment for spider fear : A randomized controlled trial 2018
Joel Gruneau Brulin, Peter C. Hill, Kristin Laurin,
et al.
Religion vs. the Welfare State-The Importance of Cultural Context for Religious Schematicity and Priming 2018
Danilo Garcia, Shane MacDonald, Trevor Archer
Two different approaches to the affective profiles model : median splits (variable-oriented) and cluster analysis (person-oriented) 2018
Lena Låstad, Katharina Näswall, Erik Berntson,
et al.
The roles of shared perceptions of individual job insecurity and job insecurity climate for work- and health-related outcomes : A multilevel approach 2018
Emma Hagqvist, Susanna Toivanen, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel
Balancing Work and Life When Self-Employed : The Role of Business Characteristics, Time Demands, and Gender Contexts 2018
Susanna Toivanen, Rosane Härter Griep, Christin Mellner,
et al.
Hospitalization due to stroke and myocardial infarction in self-employed individuals and small business owners compared with paid employees in Sweden—a 5-year study 2018
Ulrika Winerdal, Ann-Christin Cederborg, Johanna Lindholm
The quality of question types in Swedish police interviews with young suspects of serious crimes 2018
Ann-Christin Cederborg
Young children's play : a matter of advanced strategies among peers 2018
Georgios Iatropoulos, Pawel Herman, Anders Lansner,
et al.
The language of smell : Connecting linguistic and psychophysical properties of odor descriptors 2018
Elmeri Syrjänen, Stefan Wiens, Håkan Fischer,
et al.
Background Odors Modulate N170 ERP Component and Perception of Emotional Facial Stimuli 2018
Tove Gerholm, Thomas Hörberg, Signe Tonér,
et al.
A protocol for a three-arm cluster randomized controlled superiority trial investigating the effects of two pedagogical methodologies in Swedish preschool settings on language and communication, executive functions, auditive selective attention, socioemotional skills and early maths skills 2018
Valentin A. Schriever, Eduardo Agosin, Aytug Altundag,
et al.
Development of an International Odor Identification Test for Children : The Universal Sniff Test 2018
Konstantinos Chiotis, Per Stenkrona, Ove Almkvist,
et al.
Dual tracer tau PET imaging reveals different molecular targets for C-11-THK5351 and C-11-PBB3 in the Alzheimer brain 2018
Stina Cornell Kärnekull, Artin Arshamian, Mats E. Nilsson,
et al.
The Effect of Blindness on Long-Term Episodic Memory for Odors and Sounds 2018
Eirini Karyotaki, Per Carlbring, Pim Cuijpers
Do guided internet-based interventions result in clinically relevant changes for patients with depression? : An individual participant data meta-analysis 2018
Katarina Danielsson, Markus Jansson-Fröjmark, Jan-Erik Broman,
et al.
Light Therapy With Scheduled Rise Times in Young Adults With Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder : Therapeutic Outcomes and Possible Predictors 2018
Abbas Abdollahi, Per Carlbring, Elham Vaez,
et al.
Perfectionism and Test Anxiety among High-School Students : the Moderating Role of Academic Hardiness 2018
Volen Z. Ivanov, Jesper Enander, David Mataix-Cols,
et al.
Enhancing group cognitive-behavioral therapy for hoarding disorder with between-session Internet-based clinician support : A feasibility study 2018
Anna Nyberg, Paraskevi Peristera, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
Does work-personal life interference predict turnover among male and female managers, and do depressive symptoms mediate the association? A longitudinal study based on a Swedish cohort 2018
Mats E. Nilsson
Learning to extract a large inter-aural level difference in lag clicks 2018
Brett S. East, Gloria Fleming, Kathy Peng,
et al.
Human Apolipoprotein E Genotype Differentially Affects Olfactory Behavior and Sensory Physiology in Mice 2018
K. W. Fjermestad, M. D. Lerner, B. D. McLeod,
et al.
Motivation and treatment credibility predict alliance in cognitive behavioral treatment for youth with anxiety disorders in community clinics 2018
Antoine Leuzy, Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez, Laure Saint-Aubert,
et al.
Longitudinal uncoupling of cerebral perfusion, glucose metabolism, and tau deposition in Alzheimer's disease 2018
Bjarne Hansen, Gerd Kvale, Kristen Hagen,
et al.
The Bergen 4-Day Treatment for Panic Disorder : A Pilot Study 2018
Andreas Frick, Jonas Engman, Kurt Wahistedt,
et al.
Anterior cingulate cortex activity as a candidate biomarker for treatment selection in social anxiety disorder 2018
Thomas Hörberg
Functional motivations behind direct object fronting in written Swedish : A corpus-distributional account 2018
H. Hultin, K. Eichas, Laura Ferrer-Wreder,
et al.
Pedagogical and Social School Climate : Psychometric Evaluation and Validation of the Student Edition of PESOC 2018
Radosveta Dimitrova, Kai Hatano, Kazumi Sugimura,
et al.
The Erikson Psychosocial Stage Inventory in Adolescent Samples : Factorial Validity and Equivalence of Identity as Measured From the United States and Japan 2018
Radosveta Dimitrova, Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Johan Åhlén
School Climate, Academic Achievement and Educational Aspirations in Roma Minority and Bulgarian Majority Adolescents 2018
Kristin Silfvernagel, Anna Westlinder, Stina Andersson,
et al.
Individually tailored internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for older adults with anxiety and depression : a randomised controlled trial 2018
Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Carlos Tirado, Edward Arshamian,
et al.
The allocation of valenced concepts onto 3D space 2018
Abbas Abdollahi, Simin Hosseinian, Elham Zamanshoar,
et al.
The Moderating Effect of Hardiness on the Relationships between Problem-Solving Skills and Perceived Stress with Suicidal Ideation in Nursing Students 2018
Andreas Jemstedt, Bennett L. Schwartz, Fredrik U. Jönsson
Ease-of-learning judgments are based on both processing fluency and beliefs 2018
Patrik N. Juslin, László Harmat, Petri Laukka
The wisdom of the body : Listeners' autonomic arousal distinguishes between spontaneous and posed vocal emotions 2018
Håkon Nordahl, Audun Havnen, Bjarne Hansen,
et al.
Sleep disturbances in treatment-seeking OCD-patients : Changes after concentrated exposure treatment 2018
Bronwyn M. Graham, Sophie H. Li, Melissa J. Black,
et al.
The association between estradiol levels, hormonal contraceptive use, an responsiveness to one-session-treatment for spider phobia in women 2018
Anders Nilsson, Kristoffer Magnusson, Per Carlbring,
et al.
The Development of an Internet-Based Treatment for Problem Gamblers and Concerned Significant Others : A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial 2018
Pia Risholm Mothander, Catarina Furmark, Kerstin Neander
Adding Circle of Security - Parenting to treatment as usual in three Swedish infant mental health clinics. Effects on parents' internal representations and quality of parent-infant interaction 2018


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