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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Frank Pega, Bálint Náfrádi, Natalie C. Momen,
et al.
Global, regional, and national burdens of ischemic heart disease and stroke attributable to exposure to long working hours for 194 countries, 2000-2016 : A systematic analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury 2021
Behzad Iravani, Artin Arshamian, Mikael Lundqvist,
et al.
Odor identity can be extracted from the reciprocal connectivity between olfactory bulb and piriform cortex in humans 2021
Claes Andersson, Marcus Bendtsen, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Does the management of personal integrity information lead to differing participation rates and response patterns in mental health surveys with young adults? A three-armed methodological experiment 2021
Aleksandra Bujacz, Ann Rudman, Petter Gustavsson,
et al.
Psychosocial working conditions of shiftworking nurses : A long-term latent transition analysis 2021
Emma Björkenstam, Magnus Helgesson, Klas Gustafsson,
et al.
Sickness absence due to common mental disorders in young employees in Sweden : are there differences in occupational class and employment sector? 2021
Magnus Helgesson, Klas Gustafsson, Staffan Marklund,
et al.
Sickness Absence and Sickness Presence Among Health and Care Employees in Sweden-Health Complaints, Health Behavior, and Future Long-Term Sickness Absence 2021
Shireen Sindi, Ingemar Kåreholt, Tiia Ngandu,
et al.
Sex differences in dementia and response to a lifestyle intervention : Evidence from Nordic population-based studies and a prevention trial 2021
Hellen P. Vergoossen
Breaking the Binary : Attitudes towards and cognitive effects of gender-neutral pronouns 2021
Tobias Lundgren, Gustaf Reinebo, Markus Jansson Fröjmark,
et al.
Acceptance and Commitment Training for Ice Hockey Players : A Randomized Controlled Trial 2021
E. Rydwik, L. Anmyr, M. Regardt,
et al.
ReCOV : recovery and rehabilitation during and after COVID-19-a study protocol of a longitudinal observational study on patients, next of kin and health care staff 2021
Maria Bragesjö, Filip K. Arnberg, Erik Andersson
Prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder : Lessons learned from a terminated RCT of prolonged exposure 2021
Birgitta Herkner, Mara Westling Allodi, Laura Ferrer Wreder,
et al.
Reading Development among Swedish Children : The Importance of Contextual Resources and Language Ability 2021
Ove Almkvist, Katharina Brüggen, Agneta Nordberg
Subcortical and Cortical Regions of Amyloid-β Pathology Measured by C-11-PiB PET Are Differentially Associated with Cognitive Functions and Stages of Disease in Memory Clinic Patients 2021
Anna Dahlgren, Philip Tucker, Aleksandra Bujacz,
et al.
Intensive longitudinal study of newly graduated nurses' quick returns and self-rated stress 2021
Veronica Svärd, Emilie Friberg, Azadé Azad
How People with Multimorbidity and Psychosocial Difficulties Experience Support by Rehabilitation Coordinators During Sickness Absence 2021
Sandra Tamm, Catarina Lensmar, Anna Andreasson,
et al.
Objective and Subjective Sleep in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Severe Seasonal Allergy : Preliminary Assessments of the Role of Sickness, Central and Peripheral Inflammation 2021
Robert Pellegrino, Thomas Hörberg, Jonas Olofsson,
et al.
Duality of Smell : Route-Dependent Effects on Olfactory Perception and Language 2021
Jonas K. Olofsson, Ingrid Ekström, Maria Larsson,
et al.
Olfaction and Aging : A Review of the Current State of Research and Future Directions 2021
Simon Niedenthal, Johannes Nilsson, Teodor Jernsäther,
et al.
A Method for Computerized Olfactory Assessment and Training Outside of Laboratory or Clinical Settings 2021
Anna Blomkvist, Marlise Hofer
Olfactory loss and social relationships. A narrative review 2021
Maria Lindau, Milena Lundberg, Mats Najström
WAIS-IV short form applied to a mixed neurological Swedish clinical sample 2021
Michael El Boghdady, Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Laparoscopic Surgery and the debate on its safety during COVID-19 pandemic : A systematic review of recommendations 2021
Constanze Eib, Paraskevi Peristera, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
Trajectories of Procedural and Interactional Justice as Predictors of Retirement among Swedish Workers : Differences between Three Groups of Retirees 2021
Anne H. Berman, Marcus Bendtsen, Olof Molander,
et al.
Compliance with recommendations limiting COVID-19 contagion among university students in Sweden : associations with self-reported symptoms, mental health and academic self-efficacy 2021
Elaine C. Marqueze, Luciana F. R. Nogueira, Céline Vetter,
et al.
Exogenous melatonin decreases circadian misalignment and body weight among early types 2021
Magnus Helgesson, Staffan Marklund, Klas Gustafsson,
et al.
Favorable Working Conditions Related to Health Behavior Among Nurses and Care Assistants in Sweden-A Population-Based Cohort Study 2021
Mårten Hammarlund, Pehr Granqvist, Tommie Forslund
Mothers With Mild Levels of Intellectual Disability : Emotion-Interpretation, Traumatization, and Child Attachment Representations 2021
Mikel Jimenez, Claudia Poch, Cristina Villalba-García,
et al.
The Level of Processing Modulates Visual Awareness : Evidence from Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures 2021
Ewa Mörtberg, Markus Jansson Fröjmark, Nejra Van Zalk,
et al.
A longitudinal study of prevalence and predictors of incidence and persistence of sub-diagnostic social anxiety among Swedish adolescents 2021
Philip U. Gustafsson, Torun Lindholm, Fredrik U. Jönsson
Judging the accuracy of eyewitness testimonies using retrieval effort cues 2021
Amanda Klysing, Emma A. Renström, Marie Gustafsson-Sendén,
et al.
Gender diversity in recruitment : Influence of gender trouble on applicant attraction and evaluation 2021
Tom Eek, Maria Larsson, Nil Dizdar
Odor Recognition Memory in Parkinson's Disease : A Systematic Review 2021
Charlotta Nilsen, Alexander Darin-Mattsson, Martin Hyde,
et al.
Life-course trajectories of working conditions and successful ageing 2021
Christina Andersson, Cecilia U. D. Stenfors, Peter Lilliengren,
et al.
Benevolence - Associations With Stress, Mental Health, and Self-Compassion at the Workplace 2021
Philip Tucker, Mikko Harmä, Anneli Ojajärvi,
et al.
Association of rotating shift work schedules and the use of prescribed sleep medication : A prospective cohort study 2021
Hellen P. Vergoossen, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Anna Lindqvist,
et al.
Do you recognize hon, han and hen? : How binary and gender-neutral pronouns affect gender categorization in face recognition 2021
Guangyu Zhou, Jonas K. Olofsson, Mohamad Z. Koubeissi,
et al.
Human hippocampal connectivity is stronger in olfaction than other sensory systems 2021
David Forsström, Alexander Rozental, Emma Wiklund,
et al.
Gamblers' Perception of the Playscan Risk Assessment : A Mixed-Methods Study 2021
Carlos Tirado, Billy Gerdfeldter, Mats E. Nilsson
Individual differences in the ability to access spatial information in lag-clicks 2021
David Forsström, Alexander Rozental, Anders Kottorp,
et al.
Further Exploration of the Psychometric Properties of GamTest : A Rasch Analysis 2021
Anna Karin Hedström, Ola Hössjer, Rino Bellocco,
et al.
Insomnia in the context of short sleep increases suicide risk 2021
Richard C. Gerkin, Kathrin Ohla, Maria G. Veldhuizen,
et al.
Recent Smell Loss Is the Best Predictor of COVID-19 Among Individuals With Recent Respiratory Symptoms 2021
Mikael Sallinen, Jussi Onninen, Kimmo Ketola,
et al.
Self-reported reasons for on-duty sleepiness among commercial airline pilots 2021
Nicholas J. Talley, Nicholas Powell, Marjorie M. Walker,
et al.
Role of smoking in functional dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome : three random population-based studies 2021
Auriba Raza, Anna Pulakka, Linda L. Magnusson Hanson,
et al.
Commuting distance and behavior-related health : A longitudinal study 2021
Auriba Raza, Martin Claeson, Linda Magnusson Hanson,
et al.
Home and Workplace Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status and Behavior-related Health : A Within-individual Analysis 2021
Carina Wikman, Mara Westling Allodi, Laura Ferrer-Wreder
Psychometric Properties of the Elementary Social Behavior Assessment in Swedish Primary School : A Teacher Rated Index of Students´ Prosocial School Behaviors 2021
Kathryn V. Walter, Charlotte Alm, Torun Lindholm,
et al.
Sex differences in human mate preferences vary across sex ratios 2021
Gustav Nilsonne, Sandra Tamm, Armita Golkar,
et al.
Oxazepam and cognitive reappraisal : A randomised experiment 2021
Lichen Ma, Sonia Mor, Page L. Anderson,
et al.
Integrating virtual realities and psychotherapy : SWOT analysis on VR and MR based treatments of anxiety and stress-related disorders 2021


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