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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Andrzej Werbart
“The Skin is the Cradle of the Soul” : Didier Anzieu on the Skin-Ego, Boundaries, and Boundlessness 2019
Mats E. Nilsson, Carlos Tirado, Malina Szychowska
Psychoacoustic evidence for stronger discrimination suppression of spatial information conveyed by lag-click interaural time than interaural level differences 2019
Rongwei Zhang, Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist, Dan Li,
et al.
Chinese Students' Satisfaction with Life Relative to Psychological Capital and Mediated by Purpose in Life 2019
Hanna Ginner Hau, Azade Azad
Adolescent female offenders’ subjective experiences of their families’ roles in relation to their delinquency 2019
Azade Azad, Hanna Ginner Hau
Adolescent females with limited delinquency – A follow-up on educational attainment and recidivism 2019
Elisabeth Hertenstein, Bernd Feige, Tabea Gmeiner,
et al.
Insomnia as a predictor of mental disorders : A systematic review and meta-analysis 2019
Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Amanda Klysing, Anna Lindqvist,
et al.
The (Not So) Changing Man : Dynamic Gender Stereotypes in Sweden 2019
Johanna Stålnacke, Aiko Lundequist, Birgitta Böhm,
et al.
A longitudinal model of executive function development from birth through adolescence in children born very or extremely preterm 2019
Mårten Tyrberg, Per Carlbring, Tobias Lundgren
Implementation of ACT training in a psychiatric ward : Clinical experiences and staff-patient outcomes 2019
Andrzej Werbart, Peter Missios, Fredrik Waldenström,
et al.
“It was hard work every session” : Therapists’ view of successful psychoanalytic treatments 2019
Anna Lindqvist
How is Commercial Gender Categorization of Perfumes Related to Consumers Preference of Fragrances? 2019
Björg Helgadóttir, Pia Svedberg, Lisa Mather,
et al.
The association between part-time and temporary employment and sickness absence : A prospective Swedish twin study 2019
Peter Esaiasson, Mikael Persson, Mikael Gilljam,
et al.
Reconsidering the Role of Procedures for Decision Acceptance 2019
Ingrid Ekström, Maria Josefsson, Maria Larsson,
et al.
Subjective Olfactory Loss in Older Adults Concurs with Long-Term Odor Identification Decline 2019
Gunnar Aronsson, Eva Charlotta Nylén, Lars Ishall,
et al.
The long arm of the job – work characteristics and recovery windows in social welfare work 2019
Mårten Tyrberg, Tobias Lundgren, Per Carlbring,
et al.
ACT for Psychotic Inpatients, Broad Implementation in a Swedish Context 2019
Alessia Rosi, Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Fabio Del Missier,
et al.
Decision-making competence in younger and older adults : which cognitive abilities contribute to the application of decision rules? 2019
Kristina Petersén Karlsson
Autobiographical Memory : Depending on sensory retrieval cue and gender 2019
Sean Minns, Andrew Levihn-Coon, Emily Carl,
et al.
Immersive 3D exposure-based treatment for spider fear : A randomized controlled trial 2019
Philip Lindner, Alexander Miloff, Elin Zetterlund,
et al.
Attitudes Toward and Familiarity With Virtual Reality Therapy Among Practicing Cognitive Behavior Therapists : A Cross-Sectional Survey Study in the Era of Consumer VR Platforms 2019
Philip Lindner, Alexander Miloff, William Hamilton,
et al.
The Potential of Consumer-Targeted Virtual Reality Relaxation Applications : Descriptive Usage, Uptake and Application Performance Statistics for a First-Generation Application 2019
Gunnar Aronsson, Eva Charlotta Nylén, Lars Ishall,
et al.
The long arm of the job - work characteristics and recovery windows in social welfare work 2019
Göran Nerhardt
Incongruity and humour 2019
Bjarne Hansen, Gerd Kvale, Kristen Hagen,
et al.
The Bergen 4-day treatment for OCD : four years follow-up of concentrated ERP in a clinical mental health setting 2019
Kristina Karlsson, Johan Willander, Fredrik Jönsson,
et al.
Gender differences in autobiographical memory : Females latently express communality more than males 2019
Carolina Sconfienza, Petra Lindfors, Annika Lantz Friedrich,
et al.
Social support at work and mental distress : A three-wave study of normal, reversed, and reciprocal relationships 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova, Pasquale Musso, Iva Polackova Solcova,
et al.
Understanding Factors Affecting Well-Being of Marginalized Populations in Different Cultural Contexts : Ethnic and National Identity of Roma Minority Youth in Europe 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova
Parenting Stress and Depressive Symptoms of Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Families in Italy 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova
Capacity Building 2019
Skerdi Zahaj, Radosveta Dimitrova
The Influence of Identity Styles on Adolescents’ Psychological Problems in Postcommunist Albania 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova, Pasquale Musso, Iva Polackova Solcova,
et al.
Multiple Social Identities in Relation to Self-Esteem of Adolescents in Post-communist Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Romania 2019
Nadezhda Lebedeva, Radosveta Dimitrova, John W. Berry,
et al.
Introduction 2019

Changing Values and Identities in the Post-Communist World 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova, Sevgi Bayram Özdemir, Diana Farcas,
et al.
Is There a Paradox of Adaptation in Immigrant Children and Youth Across Europe? A Literature Review 2019
Fèlix Neto, Radosveta Dimitrova
Measurement Invariance of the Satisfaction with Love Life Scale Among Emerging Adults in Angola, Brazil, East Timor, Macao, and Portugal 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova, Alejandra del Carmen Dominguez Espinosa
Relationships Between Religiousness and Life Satisfaction Among Emerging Adults in Mexico and Nicaragua 2019
Radosveta Dimitrova, Athanasios Chasiotis, Michael Bender,
et al.
Collective Identity Resources for Positive Well-Being Among Turkish-Bulgarian and Muslim-Bulgarian Minority Adolescents in Bulgaria 2019
Arzu Aydinli-Karakulak, Ayben Baylar, Seray Cagla Keles,
et al.
Positive Affect and School Related Outcomes : Feeling Good Facilitates School Engagement Among Turkish-Bulgarian Minority Adolescents 2019
Carmen Buzea, Radosveta Dimitrova
Positive Affect and the Experience of Meaning in Life Among Romanian Emerging Adults 2019

Well-Being of Youth and Emerging Adults across Cultures : Novel Approaches and Findings from Europe, Asia, Africa and America 2019
Sven Å. Christianson
A cat-and-mouse game : Media Manipulation 2019
Azade Azad, Sven Å. Christianson
Barn och ungdomar minns och berättar detaljerat efter att ha bevittnat dödligt våld 2019
Ulrika Rogland, Sven Å. Christianson
"Jag kände mig speciell" : grooming på Internet 2019
Sven Å. Christianson, Ulrika Rogland
Vad är grooming? 2019
Azade Azad, Hanna Ginner Hau
Adolescent females with limited delinquency – At risk of school failure 2019
Therese Anderbro, Erik Moberg, Ulf Adamson,
et al.
Beliefs and Experiences of Fear of Hypoglycemia and Use of Uncooked Cornstarch before Bedtime in Persons with Type 1-Diabetes 2019
Therese Carin Anderbro, Susanne Amsberg, Erik Moberg,
et al.
A longitudinal study of fear of hypoglycaemia in adults with type 1 diabetes 2019
Susanne Amsberg, Ingrid Wijk, Fredrik Livheim,
et al.
Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for adult type 1 diabetes management : study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 2019
Andreas Gerhardsson, Torbjörn Åkerstedt, John Axelsson,
et al.
Effect of sleep deprivation on emotional working memory 2019
Ewa Mörtberg, Markus Jansson Fröjmark
Psychometric Evaluation of the Social Phobia Inventory and the Mini-Social Phobia Inventory in a Swedish University Student Sample 2019


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