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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Jonas Olofsson, Camilla Sandöy, Thomas Hörberg,
et al.
Incongruent odors suppress perceptual categorization of visual objects 2019
Thomas Hörberg, Maria Larsson, Olofsson Jonas
The semantic organization of the English odor vocabulary 2019
Thomas Hörberg
Expectation-based processing of grammatical functions in Swedish 2019
Gill Nilsson, Joakim Westerlund, Elisabeth Fernell,
et al.
Neurodevelopmental problems should be considered in children with febrile seizures 2019
Rasmus Eklund, Billy Gerdfeldter, Stefan Wiens
Effects of a Manual Response Requirement on Early and Late Correlates of Auditory Awareness 2019
Edward B. Davis, Cynthia N. Kimball, Jamie D. Aten,
et al.
Religious meaning making and attachment in a disaster context : A longitudinal qualitative study of flood survivors 2019
Erika Baraldi, Ulrika Ådén, Kristina Löwing,
et al.
The development of a post-discharge intervention program in Sweden for extremely preterm infants and their caregivers, through home visits during their first year of life. 2019
Ove Almkvist, Ole Bosnes, Ingunn Bosnes,
et al.
Subjective working and declarative memory in dementia and normal aging 2019
Kristina P. Karlsson, Sverker Sikström, Fredrik U. Jönsson,
et al.
Gender differences in autobiographical memory : females latently express communality more than do males 2019
Laura K. M. Han, Josine E. Verhoeven, Audrey R. Tyrka,
et al.
Accelerating research on biological aging and mental health : Current challenges and future directions 2019
Marijke Keus van de Poll, Louise Sjödin, Mats E. Nilsson
Disruption of writing by background speech : Does sound source location and number of voices matter? 2019
Jakob Jonsson, David Hodgins, Ingrid Munck,
et al.
Reaching out to big losers : Brief motivational contact leads to sustained reductions in gambling over one year 2019
Fredrik Santoft, Erland Axelsson, Lars-Göran Öst,
et al.
Cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in primary care : systematic review and meta-analysis 2019
Charlotte Alm, Nora Helmy Rehnberg, Torun Lindholm
Language and eyewitness suggestibility 2019
Catherine M. Gale, Svein Eikeseth, Lars Klintwall
Children with Autism show Atypical Preference for Non-social Stimuli 2019
Ulrika Wester Oxelgren, Joakim Westerlund, Åsa Myrelid,
et al.
An intervention targeting social, communication and daily activity skills in children and adolescents with Down syndrome and autism : a pilot study 2019
Diana S. Cortes, Petri Laukka, Natalie C. Ebner,
et al.
Age-Related Differences in Evaluation of Social Attributes From Computer-Generated Faces of Varying Intensity 2019
Brigitte Vollmer, Johanna Stålnacke
Young Adult Motor, Sensory, and Cognitive Outcomes and Longitudinal Development after Very and Extremely Preterm Birth 2019
Antoine Leuzy, Konstantinos Chiotis, Laetitia Lemoine,
et al.
Tau PET imaging in neurodegenerative tauopathies-still a challenge 2019
Martin Asperholm, Nadja Hogman, Jonas Rafi,
et al.
What Did You Do Yesterday? A Meta-Analysis of Sex Differences in Episodic Memory 2019
Malin Mattson Molnar, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Leading for Safety : A Question of Leadership Focus 2019
Patrese A. Robinson-Drummer, Maya Opendak, Anna Blomkvist,
et al.
Infant Trauma Alters Social Buffering of Threat Learning : Emerging Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Preadolescence 2019
Markus B. T. Nyström, Peter Hassmén, Daniel E. Sörman,
et al.
Are physical activity and sedentary behavior related to depression? 2019
Anne-Wil Kruijt, Sam Parsons, Elaine Fox
A Meta-Analysis of Bias at Baseline in RCTs of Attention Bias Modification : No Evidence for Dot-Probe Bias Towards Threat in Clinical Anxiety and PTSD 2019
Ann-Christin Cederborg
Power relations in pre-school children's play 2019
Kristina Petersén Karlsson
Avhandlings/thesis ERRATA 2019
Johanna Schwarz, John Axelsson, Andreas Gerhardsson,
et al.
Mood impairment is stronger in young than in older adults after sleep deprivation 2019
Malin Mattson Molnar, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Leading for Safety : A Question of Leadership Focus 2019
Agnieszka Pietraszkiewicz, Magdalena Formanowicz, Marie Gustafsson Sendén,
et al.
The big two dictionaries : Capturing agency and communion in natural language 2019
Maria Lindau, Mats Najström
Cross-cultural applicability and reduction of the American seven-subtest short form of the WAIS on a Swedish non-clinical sample 2019
Nikola Komlenac, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Petra Verdonk,
et al.
Parenthood does not explain the gender difference in clinical position in academic medicine among Swedish, Dutch and Austrian physicians 2019
Katharina Klug, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Anne Mäkikangas,
et al.
Development of perceived job insecurity among young workers : a latent class growth analysis 2019
Shevaugn Johnson, Sarah J. Egan, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for perfectionism : Targeting dysmorphic concern 2019
Olof Johansson, Jonas Bjärehed, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
Effectiveness of guided internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy for depression in routine psychiatry : A randomized controlled trial 2019
Ekaterina Ivanova, Jonas Rafi, Philip Lindner,
et al.
Experiences of responsible gambling tools among non-problem gamblers : A survey of active customers of an online gambling platform 2019
Tara Donker, Ilja Cornelisz, Chris van Klaveren,
et al.
Effectiveness of Self-guided App-Based Virtual Reality Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Acrophobia : A Randomized Clinical Trial 2019
Elisabet Borg, Adsson Magalhães, Marcelo Fernandes Costa,
et al.
A pilot study comparing The Borg CR Scale®(centiMax®) and the Beck Depression Inventory for scaling depressive symptoms 2019
Martin Kraepelien, Kerstin Blom, Nils Lindefors,
et al.
The effects of component-specific treatment compliance in individually tailored internet-based treatment 2019
Nora Wiium, Laura Ferrer Wreder, Bin-Bin Chen,
et al.
Gender and Positive Youth Development Advancing Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana 2019
Kristofer Vernmark, Hugo Hesser, Naira Topooco,
et al.
Working alliance as a predictor of change in depression during blended cognitive behaviour therapy 2019
Ewelina Smoktunowicz, Magdalena Lesnierowska, Roman Cieslak,
et al.
Efficacy of an Internet-based intervention for job stress and burnout among medical professionals : study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2019
Martin Riemer, Veit Kubik, Thomas Wolbers
The effect of feedback on temporal error monitoring and timing behavior 2019
Cecilia U. D. Stenfors, Stephen C. Van Hedger, Kathryn E. Schertz,
et al.
Positive Effects of Nature on Cognitive Performance Across Multiple Experiments : Test Order but Not Affect Modulates the Cognitive Effects 2019
Jonas Rafi, Ekaterina Ivanova, Alexander Rozental,
et al.
Participants' Experiences of a Workplace-Oriented Problem Gambling Prevention Program for Managers and HR Officers : A Qualitative Study 2019
Tracey D. Wade, Enola Kay, Madelaine K. de Valle,
et al.
Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for perfectionism : More is better but no need to be prescriptive 2019
Sara Cerdas, Annika Härenstam, Gun Johansson,
et al.
Development of job demands, decision authority and social support in industries with different gender composition - Sweden, 1991-2013 2019
Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring, Nickolai Titov,
et al.
Internet Interventions for Adults with Anxiety and Mood Disorders : A Narrative Umbrella Review of Recent Meta-Analyses 2019
Jonas Ramnerö, Olof Molander, Philip Lindner,
et al.
What can be learned about gambling from a learning perspective? A narrative review 2019
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Constanze Leineweber, Hugo Westerlund
Staying in or switching between permanent, temporary and self-employment during 2008-2010 : Associations with changing job characteristics and emotional exhaustion 2019
Bin-Bin Chen, Nora Wiium, Radosveta Dimitrova,
et al.
The Relationships between Family, School and Community Support and Boundaries and Student Engagement among Chinese Adolescents 2019


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