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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Sarah Bankins, Yannick Griep, Samantha D. Hansen
Charting directions for a new research era : addressing gaps and advancing scholarship in the study of psychological contracts 2020
Viktor Persson, Constanze Eib, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
Effects of procedural justice on prospective antidepressant medication prescription : a longitudinal study on Swedish workers 2020
Klas Gustafsson, Staffan Marklund, Constanze Leineweber,
et al.
Presenteeism, Psychosocial Working Conditions and Work Ability among Care Workers-A Cross-Sectional Swedish Population-Based Study 2020
Martin A. Jonsjö, Gunnar L. Olsson, Rikard K. Wicksell,
et al.
The role of low-grade inflammation in ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - associations with symptoms 2020
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Mats Lekander, Gustav Nilsonne,
et al.
Gray Matter Volume Correlates of Sleepiness : A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study in Younger and Older Adults 2020
Janina Seubert, Grégoria Kalpouzos, Maria Larsson,
et al.
Temporolimbic cortical volume is associated with semantic odor memory performance in aging 2020
Sabina Cehajic-Clancy
Learning about moral exemplars and intergroup reconciliation 2020
Sabina Cehajic-Clancy
Perceptions of Shared Morality as an Important Socio-Psychological Mechanism for Finding the Common Ground 2020
Sabina Cehajic-Clancy, Michal Bilewicz
Appealing to Moral Exemplars : Shared Perception of Morality as an Essential Ingredient of Intergroup Reconciliation 2020
Laura Ferrer Wreder, Lilianne Eninger, Hanna Ginner Hau,
et al.
Childcare, Culture, and Child Development : A Swedish Perspective 2020
Loretta G. Platts, Lawrence B. Sacco, Boo Johansson
Omvärdera synen på de äldres livsvillkor under pandemin 2020
David T. McNaughton, Anna Andreasson, Brjánn Ljótsson,
et al.
Effects of Psychology and Extragastrointestinal Symptoms on Health Care Use by Subjects With and Without Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2020
Emma Cedstrand, Anna Nyberg, Theo Bodin,
et al.
Study protocol of a co-created primary organizational-level intervention with the aim to improve organizational and social working conditions and decrease stress within the construction industry - a controlled trial 2020
Kathryn Walter, Daniel Conroy-Beam, David M. Buss,
et al.
Sex Differences in Mate Preferences Across 45 Countries : A Large-Scale Replication 2020
Qingqing Yin, Xiaojuan Ji, Renjun Lv,
et al.
Targetting Exosomes as a New Biomarker and Therapeutic Approach for Alzheimer's Disease 2020
Alexander Miloff
Virtual reality exposure therapy for spider phobia 2020
Mads Nordentoft, Naja Hulvej Rod, Jens Peter Bonde,
et al.
Effort-reward imbalance at work and weight changes in a nationwide cohort of workers in Denmark 2020
Mikael Sallinen, Mia Pylkkonen, Sampsa Puttonen,
et al.
Are long-haul truck drivers unusually alert? A comparison with long-haul airline pilots 2020
Marta Zuzanna Zakrzewska, Marco Tullio Liuzza, Torun Lindholm,
et al.
An Overprotective Nose? Implicit Bias Is Positively Related to Individual Differences in Body Odor Disgust Sensitivity 2020
Natalia M. Tiuganji, Patricia Nehme, Elaine C. Marqueze,
et al.
Eating Behavior (Duration, Content, and Timing) Among Workers Living under Different Levels of Urbanization 2020
Y. Yang, Yannick Griep, T. Vantilborgh
Exploring temporal changes in obligated and delivered inducements-a dynamic systems perspective 2020
Ola Svenson, Anna Borg
On the human inability to process inverse variables in intuitive judgments : different cognitive processes leading to the time loss bias 2020
Anna Nyberg, Gun Johansson, Hugo Westerlund,
et al.
Status incongruence in human service occupations and implications for mild-to-severe depressive symptoms and register-based sickness absence : A prospective cohort study 2020
Lillian Döllinger, Stephan Hau
Training emotion recognition : A FMRI study of training psychotherapists 2020
Cecilia Delmer, Regina Sullivan, Maya Opendak,
et al.
Infant sensitivity to maternal neuromodulation of the HPA stress axis 2020
Diana S. Cortes, Amirhossein Manzouri, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson,
et al.
Oxytocin may facilitate neural recruitment in medial prefrontal cortex and superior temporal gyrus during emotion recognition in young but not older adults 2020
John Axelsson, Michael Ingre, Göran Kecklund,
et al.
Sleepiness as motivation : a potential mechanism for how sleep deprivation affects behavior 2020
Anna Blomkvist, Maya Opendak, Donald Wilson,
et al.
Abusive caregivers are not a secure base for their infant : Understanding the neurobiology using a rodent model 2020
Anna Blomkvist, Joel Gruneau Brulin, Marco Tullio Liuzza,
et al.
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Relationship satisfaction and the influence of attachment 2020
Anna Blomkvist
Stress and odors 2020
Sari Stenholm, Marianna Virtanen, Jaana Pentti,
et al.
Trajectories of self-rated health before and after retirement : evidence from two cohort studies 2020
Tomas Lindegaard, Thomas Hesslow, Maja Nilsson,
et al.
Internet-based psychodynamic therapy vs cognitive behavioural therapy for social anxiety disorder : A preference study 2020
Helena Falkenberg, Petra Lindfors, Tarani Chandola,
et al.
Do gender and socioeconomic status matter when combining work and family : Could control at work and at home help? Results from the Whitehall II study 2020
Klas Gustafsson, Staffan Marklund, Gunnar Aronsson,
et al.
Interaction effects of physical and psychosocial working conditions on the risk of disability pension among nursing professionals and care assistants in Sweden : A prospective study 2020
Julie Lasselin, Tina Sundelin, P. M. Wayne,
et al.
Biological motion during inflammation in humans 2020
Raoping Tu, Kuan-Yu Pan, Guoxi Cai,
et al.
The role of education in the association between self-rated health and levels of C-reactive protein : a cross-sectional study in rural areas of China 2020
Tianyang Zhao, Yanli Huang, Donggui Chen,
et al.
The modality switching costs of Chinese-English bilinguals in the processing of L1 and L2 2020
Kuan-Yu Pan, Weili Xu, Francesca Mangialasche,
et al.
The role of Apolipoprotein E epsilon4 in the association between psychosocial working conditions and dementia 2020
Thomas Hörberg, Maria Larsson, Ingrid Ekström,
et al.
Olfactory Influences on Visual Categorization : Behavioral and ERP Evidence 2020
Maya Opendak, Emma Theisen, Anna Blomkvist,
et al.
Adverse caregiving in infancy blunts neural processing of the mother 2020
Pehr Granqvist
Attachment in Religion and Spirituality : A Wider View 2020
Charlotte Petersson, Susanna Toivanen, Cecilia U.D. Stenfors,
et al.
Outdoor Office Work – hur funkar det? 2020
Elmeri Syrjänen
The effects of valenced odors on facial perception 2020
Rikard Sunnhed, Hugo Hesser, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
Comparing internet-delivered cognitive therapy and behavior therapy with telephone support for insomnia disorder : a randomized controlled trial 2020
Lina Rådmark, Linda L. Magnusson Hanson, S. Montgomery,
et al.
Mind and body exercises (MBE), prescribed antidepressant medication, physical exercise and depressive symptoms – a longitudinal study 2020
Anna Lindqvist, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Emma A. Renström
What is gender, anyway : a review of the options for operationalising gender 2020
Eva Palmquist, Maria Larsson, Jonas K. Olofsson,
et al.
A Prospective Study on Risk Factors for Olfactory Dysfunction in Aging 2020
Alexander Miloff, Per Carlbring, William Hamilton,
et al.
Measuring Alliance Toward Embodied Virtual Therapists in the Era of Automated Treatments With the Virtual Therapist Alliance Scale (VTAS) : Development and Psychometric Evaluation 2020
Karin Lindqvist, Jakob Mechler, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Affect-Focused Psychodynamic Internet-Based Therapy for Adolescent Depression : Randomized Controlled Trial 2020
Philip Lindner, Alexander Miloff, Camilla Bergman,
et al.
Gamified, Automated Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Fear of Spiders : A Single-Subject Trial Under Simulated Real-World Conditions 2020


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