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Jakob Mechler, doktorand

Halvtidsseminariet äger rum fredag den 6 november 2020, kl. 10–12 i Zoom, mötes-ID: 678 6621 6170.
Zoom-länk: stockholmuniversity.zoom.us/j/67866216170

Professor Ann-Charlotte Smedler och doktorand Jonas Rafi.

Docent Björn Philips och professor Per Carlbring, båda vid Psykologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet, samt Peter Lilliengren.

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The doctoral thesis will investigate a novel internet-based psychodynamic treatment (IPDT) targeting adolescent depression.

IPDT has been successfully used in the treatment of adult anxiety and depression, but treatment programmes tailored to young people have been lacking. The ERiCA project (EaRly internet-based Interventions for Children and Adolescents) aims at addressing this gap in the literature. It consists of several studies designed to assess not only outcome but also the process of change.

The present doctoral thesis will investigate effects and processes of IPDT for adolescent depression (ages 15-19).

Study 1 will investigate whether IPDT is non-inferior to internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT) in a non-inferiority randomized controlled trial (n = 272). Both treatment conditions will consist of guided self-help augmented with weekly synchronous chat sessions.

Study 2 explores the role of emotion regulation as a time-varying and time-invariant predictor in IPDT. Results suggest that participants with relatively larger emotion regulation deficits gain more from IPDT. The results also showed a significant effect of improved emotion regulation on subsequent depressive symptomatology suggesting that depressive symptoms partly improve as a result of prior improvements in emotion regulation.

Study 3 investigates different trajectories of change, comparing sudden gains (SGs) to large intersession improvements (LIIs; sudden and relatively large gains, between sessions, without the stability criterion). Results failed to replicate earlier findings linking SGs to superior outcome, both at post treatment and at six-month follow-up. However, LIIs were associated with superior outcome at both post treatment and at follow-up. This was also true when only using LIIs that occurred in the first half of treatment. Conclusion: Patients with relatively more severe difficulties in emotion regulation seem to improve more during IPDT.

Furthermore, within person improvements in emotion regulation during treatment predicts subsequent outcome in depression. Patients that experience large improvements between consecutive weeks in treatment seem to be more improved at both end of treatment and at six months follow-up. The original SG criteria might be overly conservative and thus lead to important symptomatic shifts being overlooked. Study 1 is ongoing, but will render results on how IPDT compares to an already empirically established ICBT regarding efficacy.

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