Robbie Duschinsky
Robbie Duschinsky

Detta extra seminarium äger rum fredag den 24 februari 2017, kl 14-15 i konferensrum 357, Frescati Hagväg 14, plan 3.

Robbie Duschinsky är formellt affilierad forskare vid Psykologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet. Han är moderator i den panel av världsledande forskare som diskuterar desorganiserad anknytning i en YouTube-film från UC Berkeley, januari 2017: "Infant Disorganized Attachment: The Key Questions".


Main and Solomon (1986) were the first to make a "disorganised (D) classification" for the Strange Situation. However theorising about D and attachment has a longer history: in his seminal article on 'Separation Anxiety', Bowlby states that he took the concept of D from the neurologist Kurt Goldstein and promises that "this is a concept to which we shall be returning in a paper to follow" (1960: 110).

However, rather than a published paper, Bowlby instead left thirty years of unpublished notes on the topic. These writings are today housed at the Wellcome Trust Library Archive. With the encouragement of the Bowlby family, this paper draws from archival research to present Bowlby’s remarks on D and on the behaviours captured by the D classification. These include Bowlby’s reflections on the behaviours seen in his work with evacuated children, and during his clinical work in the army with combat veterans. Bowlby’s unpublished remarks on D reflect his characteristic synthesising of disciplines.

Key concepts included homeostatic regulation (from biology), conflict behaviour, fleeing and freezing (from ethology), trauma and defence (from psychoanalysis) and segregated systems (from cybernetics). Also, in an unpublished book, Bowlby presents a detailed interrogation of the neurological, psychological and behavioural differences between avoidance and dissociation.

In correspondence with Ainsworth, Bowlby also speculated about the different degree to which avoidance and dissociation are predisposed by genetic factors. After describing Bowlby’s reflections, the paper will close by drawing out the implications of his work for thinking today in conceptualising D and its antecedents.

Avdelningen för personlighets-, social- och utvecklingspsykologi ansvarar för dagens seminarium.

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