Justin Hulbert, Bard College, USA
Justin Hulbert

Seminariet äger rum tisdag den 20 mars 2018, kl 15-16 i rum 357, Frescati Hagväg 14, plan 3.


An old photograph, the smell of warm berry pie, or a vaguely familiar face seen at a party all have the potential to unleash a flood of related memories. In many ways, our conscious experience is dictated by the reminders we encounter in daily life. Sometimes, however, we are motivated to exert conscious control over which memories are permitted to rise to awareness, either by actively seeking to retrieve particular instances or by suppressing inappropriate, unpleasant, or otherwise distracting ones. Just how effective are these suppression attempts? Do they reduce the likelihood that the unwanted memories will threaten to rise to the surface in the future? And, importantly, are there unintended side effects?

In addition to presenting data that begin to address these questions, I plan to discuss some preliminary work revealing what happens when reminders of to-be-forgotten memories are presented during sleep.

Brief Biography

Justin C. Hulbert received his BA in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, where he studied memory control under the supervision of Michael C. Anderson. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in Ken Norman’s Computational Memory Lab at Princeton University, Justin joined the psychology faculty at Bard College and established the Memory Dynamics Lab in 2015. Justin and his team of enthusiastic undergraduates aim to harness strategies to better remember what we wish to remember and forget what we wish to forget - even while we sleep.

Avdelningen för perception och psykofysik ansvarar för dagens seminarium.

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