Ekaterina Ivanova. Foto: Niklas Björling
Ekaterina Ivanova. Foto: Niklas Björling

Detta halvtidsseminarium äger rum onsdag den 18 oktober 2017, kl 13-15, i konferensrum 357, Frescati Hagväg 14, plan 3.

Granskare: Jonas Ramnerö (senior) och Jakob Jonsson (junior)

Handledare: Per Carlbring och Markus Jansson-Fröjmark


Problem gambling is recognized as a public health issue in many countries and is considered to be preventable. The current PhD-project focuses on gamblers' reactions to online tools aimed at preventing problem gambling, effectiveness of such tools, as well as prediction of future gambling problems based on gambling patterns.

Pre-commitment tools, seen as a possible preventive strategy and allowing users of gambling services to pre-set a limit for how much money they spend, are relatively common. However, no clear evidence exists for their effectiveness in preventing gamblers from spending more money than they otherwise planned.

The purpose of the first study was to investigate the effectiveness of a prompt to set a deposit-limit for reducing gambling intensity among customers of an online gambling service (paf.com). In 2016, all the prospective customers at paf.com were randomized into one of 4 groups. These groups were given a limit-setting prompt: 1) at registration, 2) before making the first deposit, 3) directly after having made their first deposit, or 4) an unprompted control group. Gambling intensity, measured as theoretical loss, was tracked during 90 days after registration and the data on a total of 4328 randomly selected slot-machine players were analysed.

The customers in the intervention groups were more likely to set a deposit limit compared to the control group. Gambling intensity was higher among customers who chose to remove an earlier set deposit limit in all groups and even among customers who chose to set a deposit limit in the control group. No between-group differences in gambling intensity were found (compared to control group) in the: at-registration group [β =-.099, p = .278], pre-deposit group [β =.016, p = .862], and post-deposit group [β =.058, p = .528]).

The current pre-commitment tool did not have an effect on gambling intensity and concerns might be raised about promoting the current design as a responsible gambling tool without further modifications. Setting a deposit limit without a prompt or later removing it can be a predictor of unsustainable gambling patterns.

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