Docent Charlotta Magnusson, SOFI
Docent Charlotta Magnusson, SOFI

Seminariet äger rum onsdag den 25 oktober 2017, kl 14-15 i rum 357, Frescati Hagväg 14, plan 3.


Based on two articles the presentation will consider how the wage gap between men and women has evolved over time in Sweden and how it varies according to occupational skill level and family situation. The presentation also focuses on the extent to which wage differentials between men and women could be ascribed to time-consuming working conditions. Using five waves from the Swedish Level-of Living Survey (LNU), the first study explores the gender wage gap in Sweden during 1974-2010 overall and by skill level. The empirical analyses showed that the general gender wage gap has been almost unchanged during the past 30 years. However, the gender difference in wage in less qualified occupations diminished considerably, whereas the gender pay gap remained stable for men and women in qualified occupations. The larger significance of family responsibilities for wages in qualified occupations is one likely explanation. Furthermore, using data from 2010 (LNU) we investigate how the gender wage gap varies with occupational prestige and family status and we also examine the extent to which this gap is explained by time-consuming working conditions. In addition, we investigate whether there is an association between parenthood, job characteristics and wage (as differentiated by gender). The analyses indicate that there are gender differences regarding prestige-based pay-offs among parents that are partly explained by fathers’ greater access to employment characterized by time-consuming conditions. Separate analyses for men and women demonstrate the presence of a marriage wage premium for both genders, although only men have a parenthood wage premium. This fatherhood premium is however only present in high-prestigious occupations. Compared with childless men, fathers are also more advantaged in terms of access to jobs with time-consuming working conditions, but the wage gap between fathers and childless men is not explained by differences in access to such working conditions.   

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