Anne-Wil Kruijt
Anne-Wil Kruijt

Seminariet äger rum onsdag den 14 februari 2018, kl 14-15 i rum 357, Frescati Hagväg 14, plan 3.


Most psychological treatments have a proposed mechanism of action. In this talk I would like to focus on the question whether it is necessary to assess that a proposed mechanism of action is initiated when evaluating treatment efficacy.

Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) refers to a class of potential treatments which have been in development for nearly two decades. As the translational process from lab to clinic unfolds, the proposed new treatments transition from the domain of researchers with a more experimental/lab background into the domain of researchers with a more epidemiological/clinical background. In the case of CBM, this transitional process is not entirely without friction. Quite possibly these frictions are further enlarged against the backdrop of the "replication crisis" and the "tone debate" in psychology.

I’m hoping to explore evidence for several models of "Attention Bias Modification efficacy" with you, and to solicit your input on how to write about these.

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