Örjan de Manzano, KI
Dr. Örjan de Manzano

Seminariet äger rum onsdag den 16 januari 2019, kl 14-15 i rum 357, Frescati Hagväg 14, plan 3.


Real-life creative achievement typically requires a certain level of expertise in a field. At the same time, it appears plausible that certain cognitive processes, for instance response generation and selection, are essential for a broad range of creative behaviors. In this talk, I will explore the basic question whether creativity in different domains rely on generic or context-specific cognitive factors. I will discuss the psychological underpinnings of creative potential and creative achievement with a focus on personality, cognitive ability and expertise. I will also present neuroimaging research investigating the neural machinery of creative cognition using language and music as model domains. Collectively, these investigations demonstrate that creativity is multidimensional in nature and depends on a complex interplay between traits and abilities that are in turn influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Furthermore, creative cognition relies on dynamic interactions between brain networks involved in cognitive control, memory retrieval and domain specific expertise. The talk will close with a brief discussion on some broad implications of these findings for efforts aimed at enhancing creativity.

Avdelningen för biologisk psykologi ansvarar för dagens seminarium.


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