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Senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Elmeri Syrjänen, Håkan Fischer, Marco Tullio Liuzza,
et al.
A Review of the Effects of Valenced Odors on Face Perception and Evaluation 2021
Katarina Boye, Emma Hagqvist
Dual-Earner/Career/Dual-Carer Couples 2021
Emma Hagqvist, Anna Nyberg, Constanze Leineweber
A Theoretical Development of the Gender Embodiment of Enrichment : A Study of Gender Norms in Enrichment and Factors Related to Enrichment in a Sample of the Swedish Working Population 2021
Petri Laukka, Tanja Bänziger, Alexandra Israelsson,
et al.
Investigating individual differences in emotion recognition ability using the ERAM test 2021
Julian Koenig, Birgit Abler, Ingrid Agartz,
et al.
Cortical thickness and resting-state cardiac function across the lifespan : A cross-sectional pooled mega-analysis 2021
Lillian Döllinger, Petri Laukka, Lennart Björn Högman,
et al.
Training Emotion Recognition Accuracy : Results for Multimodal Expressions and Facial Micro Expressions 2021
Tina Sundelin, Tessa West, John Axelsson
Effects of sleep loss and attention on negotiations 2021
Diana S. Cortes, Christina Tornberg, Tanja Bänziger,
et al.
Effects of aging on emotion recognition from dynamic multimodal expressions and vocalizations 2021
André M. Bastos, Mikael Lundqvist, Ayan S. Waite,
et al.
Layer and rhythm specificity for predictive routing 2021
Andreas Gerhardsson, Danja K. Porada, John Axelsson,
et al.
Does insufficient sleep affect how you learn from reward or punishment? Reinforcement learning after 2 nights of sleep restriction 2021
Tina Sundelin, Benjamin C. Holding
Sleep and Social Impressions 2020
Vladislav Ruchkin, Roman Koposov, Lars Oreland,
et al.
Dopamine-related receptors, substance dependence, behavioral problems and personality among juvenile delinquents 2020
Mikael Lundqvist, Andre M. Bastos, Earl K. Miller
Preservation and Changes in Oscillatory Dynamics across the Cortical Hierarchy 2020
Sandra Tamm, Johanna Schwarz, Hanna Thuné,
et al.
A combined fMRI and EMG study of emotional contagion following partial sleep deprivation in young and older humans 2020
Hellen Petronella Vergoossen, Emma A. Renström, Anna Lindqvist,
et al.
Four Dimensions of Criticism Against Gender-Fair Language 2020
Leo Kozachkov, Mikael Lundqvist, Jean-Jacques Slotine,
et al.
Achieving stable dynamics in neural circuits 2020
Anette G. M. Johansson, Malin Källman, Lennart Högman,
et al.
Psychotically driven aggression is associated with greater mentalizing challenges in psychotic spectrum disorders 2020
Diana Persson
Effects of adult aging on socioemotional perception : Evidence from behavior and brain 2020
Julia Uddén, Mauricio de Jesus Dias Martins, Willem Zuidema,
et al.
Hierarchical Structure in Sequence Processing : How to Measure It and Determine Its Neural Implementation 2020
Diana Cortes S., Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Amirhossein Manzouri,
et al.
Does single-dose intranasal oxytocin facilitate neural recruitment in younger and older adults during negative compared to positive dynamic multimodal expressions? 2020
Diana Cortes S., Christina Tornberg, Tanja Bänziger,
et al.
Effects of aging on emotion recognition from dynamic multimodal expressions and vocalizations 2020
Junhua Dang, Xiaoping Liu, Shanshan Xiao,
et al.
The Beauty of the Zero : Replications and Extensions of the Hidden-Zero Effect in Delay Discounting Tasks 2020
Maria Forsner, G. Elvhage, Béatrice Ewalds-Kvist,
et al.
Moral Challenges When Suspecting Abuse and Neglect in School Children : A Mixed Method Study 2020
Eduard Vilaplana, Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez, Daniel Ferreira,
et al.
Cortical microstructural correlates of astrocytosis in autosomal-dominant Alzheimer disease 2020
Rotem Botvinik-Nezer, Felix Holzmeister, Colin F. Camerer,
et al.
Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams 2020
D. S. Adnan Majid, Sarah M. Burke, Amirhossein Manzouri,
et al.
Neural Systems for Own-body Processing Align with Gender Identity Rather Than Birth-assigned Sex 2020
Kristoffer Månsson, Tomas Furmark, Håkan Fischer,
et al.
Moment-To-Moment Variability in the Visual Cortex Robustly Predicts Response to Psychological Treatment in Anxiety Disordered Patients 2020
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Mats Lekander, Gustav Nilsonne,
et al.
Gray Matter Volume Correlates of Sleepiness : A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study in Younger and Older Adults 2020
Diana S. Cortes, Amirhossein Manzouri, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson,
et al.
Oxytocin may facilitate neural recruitment in medial prefrontal cortex and superior temporal gyrus during emotion recognition in young but not older adults 2020
Nader Aghakhani, Béatrice Ewalds-Kvist, Fatemeh Sheikhan,
et al.
Iranian women's experiences of infertility : A qualitative study 2020
Michael El Boghdady, Béatrice Ewalds-Kvist
The influence of music on the surgical task performance : A systematic review 2020
Monroe P. Turner, Håkan Fischer, Dinesh K. Sivakolundu,
et al.
Age-differential relationships among dopamine D1 binding potential, fusiform BOLD signal, and face-recognition performance 2020
Natalie Ebner, Kristoffer Månsson, Tian Lin,
et al.
Neuroplasticity and cognitive benefits associated with chronic intranasal oxytocin administration in aging 2020
Håkan Fischer, Diana S Cortes, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson,
et al.
Divergent effects of oxytocin in men and women : Increased dorsomedial prefrontal cortex activity to negative emotion displays in men but not in women 2020
Andreas Gerhardsson, Håkan Fischer, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Positivity effect in older adults after sleep deprivation 2020
Petri Laukka, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Diana S. Cortes,
et al.
Neural correlates of individual differences in emotion recognition ability : an fMRI study 2020
Lennart Högman, Marianne Kristiansson, Håkan Fischer,
et al.
Impaired facial emotion perception of briefly presented double masked stimuli in violent offenders with schizophrenia spectrum disorders 2020
Hellen P Vergoossen, Emma A Renström, Philip Pärnamets,
et al.
Swedish gender-neutral pronoun has no gender bias in reading 2020
Kristoffer N. T. Månsson, Daniel Lindqvist, Liu L. Yang,
et al.
Improvement in indices of cellular protection after psychological treatment for social anxiety disorder 2020
Tian Lin, Håkan Fischer, Marcia K. Johnson,
et al.
The effects of face attractiveness on face memory depend on both age of perceiver and age of face 2019
Julia Uddén, Annika Hultén, Katarina Bendtz,
et al.
Toward Robust Functional Neuroimaging Genetics of Cognition 2019
Elmeri Syrjänen, Håkan Fischer, Jonas K. Olofsson
Background odors affect behavior in a dot-probe task with emotionally expressive faces 2019
Ingunn Bosnes, Hans Morten Nordahl, Eystein Stordal,
et al.
Lifestyle predictors of successful aging : A 20-year prospective HUNT study 2019
Lillian Döllinger, Lennart Högman, Tanja Bänziger,
et al.
Effectively training emotion recognition accuracy : The evaluation of two systematic training programs 2019
Diana S. Cortes, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Amirhossein Manzouri,
et al.
Increased dorsomedial prefrontal cortex activity to negative emotion displays in men but not in women 2019
Lillian Döllinger, Lennart Högman, Tanja Bänziger,
et al.
The effectiveness of a dynamic multimodal emotion recognition accuracy training program 2019
S. Stormoen, I. M. Tallberg, Ove Almkvist,
et al.
Decisions and attitudes regarding participation and proxy in clinical trials among patients with impaired cognitive function 2019
Hellen Vergoossen, Emma Renström, Philip Pärnamets,
et al.
Is the Swedish gender-neutral pronoun 'hen' truly neutral? Evidence from eye movements 2019
Kristoffer Månsson, Douglas Garrett, Daniel Lindqvist,
et al.
Brain Signal Variability and Indices of Cellular Protection Predicts Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Outcome 2019
Ove Almkvist, Ole Bosnes, Ingunn Bosnes,
et al.
Subjective working and declarative memory in dementia and normal aging 2019


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