Namn: Daisy Schalling
Handledare: David Katz
Titel: Contributions to the validation of some personality concepts.

Namn: Paula Patkai
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser & David Magnusson
Titel: Relations between catecholamine release and psychological functions.


Namn: Anna-Lisa Myrsten
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Effects of alcohol on psychological functions: Experimental studies on non-alcoholic subjects.


Namn: Ulf Lundberg
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Psychological distance and emotional involvement.


Namn: Pirkko Niemelä
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Coping processes in the anticipation of stress.

Namn: Gunn Johansson
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser & David Magnusson
Titel: Activation adjustment and sympathetic-adrenal medullary activity: Field and laboratory studies of adults and children.


Namn: Karin Andersson
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Laboratory studies of tobacco smoking, arousal and mental efficiency.


Namn: Lars E Fröberg
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Psychobiological 24-hour patterns: Theory, methods, and summary of empirical studies.


Namn: Hans Sjöberg
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Physical work, arousal and mental performance.


Namn: Aniko Bartfai
Handledare: Daisy Schalling & Göran Sedvall
Titel: Psychophysiological and neuropsychological studies in schizophrenic patients.

Namn: Lennart Forsman
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser & Ulf Lundberg
Titel: Individual and group differences psychophysiological responses to stress-with emphasis on sympathetic-adrenal medullary and pituitary-adrenal cortical responses.

Namn: Jan Christoffer Svensson
Handledare: Daisy Schalling
Titel: Early stages of essential hypertension in a psychosomatic perspective-epidemiological, clinical, psychophysiological and psychological studies of 18-year-old men.


Namn: Aila Collins
Handledare: Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Sex differences in psychoneuroendocrine stress responses: Biological and social influences.


Namn: Britt af Klintberg
Handledare: Daisy Schalling
Titel: Studies on sex-related psychological and biological indicators of psychosocial vulnerability: A developmental perspective.

Namn: Maria Levander
Handledare: Daisy Schalling
Titel: Neuropsychology of handedness.


Namn: Gunnar Edman
Handledare: Daisy Schalling
Titel: Studies on habituation of electrodermal orienting reactions.


Namn: Bo Melin
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Titel: Stress, health related behaviors and biological riskfactors: Psychobiological studies of healthy men and women.


Namn: Mehmet Eskin
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg
Titel: Suicidal behavior in Swedish and Turkish adolescents: A cross-cultural investigation of prevalence and psychological factors.


Namn: Georgio Grossi
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Alexander Perski
Titel: The stress of employment-coping patterns, psychological and physiological responses and implications for health.


Namn: Göran Kenttä
Handledare: Peter Hassmén
Titel: Overtraining, steleness, and burnout in sports.


Namn: Anna Maria Dåderman
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Ann Wirsén Meurling
Titel: Personality traits and psychopathy (PCL-R) in male juvenile delinquents.

Namn: Petra Lindfors
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Lars R Bergman & Gunn Johansson
Titel: Psychophysiological aspects of stress, health and well being in teleworking women and men.


Namn: Birgitta Hellström
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Ulla Maria Anderberg
Titel: On pain and workload in women: A psychobiological approach.

Namn: Kimmo Sorjonen
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg
Titel: For whom is suicide accepted?


Namn: Anne H Berman
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg
Titel: Enhancing health among drug users in prison.

Namn: Christin Mellner
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Gunilla Krantz & Lars R Bergman
Titel: Womens subjective and objective health over time: The role of psychosocial conditions and physiological stress responses.

Namn: Magnus Lindwall
Handledare: Peter Hassmén
Titel: Exercising the self: On the role of exercise, gender and culture in physical self-perceptions.

Namn: Magnus Lindgren
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg
Titel: Brottsoffer I rättsprocessen: Om ideala brottsoffer och goda myndigheter.


Namn: Maria Sandgren
Handledare: Henry Montgomery & Britt af Klintberg
Titel: Becoming and being and opera singer: Health, personality and skills.


Namn: Jenny M Eklund
Handledare: Britt af Klintberg & Per-Anders Rydelius
Titel: Adolescents at risk of persistent antisocial behavior and alcohol problems: The role of behavior, personality and biological factors.

Namn: Carolina Lundqvist
Handledare: Peter Hassmén & Göran Kenttä
Titel: Competing under pressure: State anxiety, sports performance and assessment.

Namn: Dag Rissén
Handledare: Bo Melin & Ulf Lundberg
Titel: Repetitive and monotonous work among women. Psychophysiological and subjective stress reactions, muscle activity and neck and shoulder pain.


Namn: Hillevi Busch
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Bo Melin
Titel: When pain remains: Appraisals and adoption.


Namn: Joachim Gavazzeni
Handledare: Håkan Fischer & Stefan Wiens
Titel: Age differences in arousal, perception of affective pictures, and emotional memory enhancement.

Namn: Klas Gustavsson
Handledare: Gunnar Aronsson & Bo Melin
Titel: Working conditions, compensatory strategies, and recovery.

Namn: Birgitta Rydén-Lodi
Handledare: Britt af Klintberg & Håkan Stattin
Titel: Lyckas mot alla odds: Protektiva faktorer i upphörandeprocessen vid brottslig verksamhet.

Namn: Ulrica von Tiele Schwarz
Handledare: Ulf Lundberg & Petra Lindfors
Titel: Health and ill health in working women- balancing work and recovery.

Namn: Maria Väfors Fritz
Handledare: Britt af Klintberg, Val DeMarinis & Vladislav Ruchkin
Titel: Psychosocial adjustment problems: Individual and cultural differences.


Namn: Sara Pudas
Handledare: Jonas Persson,  Lars-Göran Nilsson & Lars Nyberg
Titel: Brain characteristics of memory decline and stability in aging: Contributions from longitudinal observations.


Namn: Malena Iwarsson
Handledare: Frank Lindblad & Martin Andersson 
Titel: Psycho-physiological reactions to violent video gameing: Experimental studies of heart rate variability, cortisol, sleep and emotional reactions in teenage boys.


Namn: Tina Sundelin
Handledare: Håkan Fischer, John Axelsson & Mats Lekander 
Titel: The face of sleep loss


Namn: Ninni Persson
Handledare: Håkan Fischer & Timo Mäntylä 
Titel: The aging brain and changes in cognitive performance: Findings from morphometry and quantitative susceptibility mapping of iron.