Socioeconomic status, work and health

Petra Lindfors, Ulf Lundberg

The aim is to investigate social, psychological and biological mechanisms, which give rise to an inequitable distribution of health within and between populations and countries. Areas of special interest are:

  1. The role of life course exposure.
  2. The interplay between individual and structural factors as related to school and work.
  3. Psychobiological mechanisms.
  4. Coping behaviours, psychophysiological stress responses and psychosomatic symptoms among women.
  5. Biomarkers relating to SES, positive psychological functioning and recovery.

Psychobiological aspects of women's health

Ulf Lundberg, Petra Lindfors

The general aim is to study the interplay between paid and unpaid workload, stress and women's health. In an international project the total workload of fulltime employed women and men with white collar work are compared.

Psychobiological aspects of adolescent health

Petra Lindfors

The general aim is to study the interplay between psychological and biological factors as related to positive and negative functioning, stress, health and health problems.

Methodological issues in stress research

Petra Lindfors

Different psychophysiological indicators of acute and chronic stress are examined with regard to sensibility, consistency and stability.