Forensic psychology

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Research unit for forensic psychology

There is a need for awareness and knowledge of forensic psychology in today's society and particularly within the legal context. Psychologists take part in many different functions in the legal process, for example in criminal investigations, court proceedings and rehabilitation/treatment settings.


We are teaching the following courses in Forensic Psychology at the Undergraduate level.


The scientific leader of the group is professor Sven Å Christianson.

Research areas

The main research areas of the Research unit for forensic psychology are Trauma, crime and memory, Children as victims and witnesses, Investigative interviewing, Criminal investigative psychology and offenders, and Psychology in the court.

Research contacts

Visiting address
Frescati Hagv 8 - 14
Telephone: +46-8-16 2000 (exchange)
Fax: +46-8-15 9342

Head of department
Professor Håkan Fischer

Heads of divisions
Biological psychology
Professor Håkan Fischer

Clinical psychology
Professor Per Carlbring

Cognitive psychology
Professor Timo Mäntylä

Perception and psychophysics
Professor Maria Larsson

Personality, social and developmental psychology
Professor Torun Lindholm

Work and organizational psychology
Professor Magnus Sverke