Cognitive neuroscience lab

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Stefan Wiens in the Lab

Cognitive neuroscience lab

Our goal is to provide students, researchers, teachers, and the public with expertise in contemporary methods in cognitive neuroscience. This includes assistance in designing, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting experiments in cognitive neuroscience.

Methods and equipment

In the lab we use EEG, eye tracking and other equipment briefly presented below.

Research contacts

Visiting address
Frescati Hagv 8 - 14
Telephone: +46-8-16 2000 (exchange)
Fax: +46-8-15 9342

Head of department
Professor Håkan Fischer

Heads of divisions
Biological psychology
Professor Håkan Fischer

Clinical psychology
Professor Per Carlbring

Cognitive psychology
Professor Timo Mäntylä

Perception and psychophysics
Professor Maria Larsson

Personality, social and developmental psychology
Professor Torun Lindholm

Work and organizational psychology
Professor Magnus Sverke