Work and organizational psychology

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Welcome to the Division of work and organizational psychology

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Division of Work and Organizational Psychology

Head of Division
Professor Magnus Sverke

Co-Head of Division
Professor Petra Lindfors

Telephone and fax
+46-8-16 2000 (exchange)
+46-8-15 9342 (fax)

Postal address
Department of Psychology
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm


Work and Organizational Psychology

Work and organizational psychology is the study of individuals’ work-related experiences, perceptions, reactions, and actions in relation to work matters and organization, individual expectations, and the ways in which individuals comprise and/or interact with groups and organizations. Studies examine the importance of physical and psycho-social factors of the work environment for motivation and performance as well as for career development, health, and well-being. The interactions between the individual, group, and organization are also studied in light of various organizational conditions, including the mutual choices and preferences of organizations and individuals. The focus is often on paid work, but psychological aspects of unpaid work (e.g., in the home, for a non-profit organization) and the boundary between work and the rest of life are also objects of study as well as the psychological aspects of involuntary unemployment. A distinguishing feature of work and organizational psychology, in comparison to other work sciences, is the inclusion of the individual perspective.

Source: The Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences
Translation: David Speeckaert