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Author Title Year
Anne H Berman, Claes Andersson, Philip Lindner,
et al.
National assessment and e-health interventions for mental health problems among university students : Swedish partnership in the WHO-World Mental Health International College Student (WHM- ICS) consortium 2021
Johnny Hellgren, Isabelle Ferré Hernandez, Anna Sofia Tanimoto,
et al.
Vad vet vi om fackets roll i ett föränderligt arbetsliv? 2021
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel
Hur kan anställningsformer och anställningsotrygghet idagens arbetsliv beskrivas och undersökas? 2021
Petra Lindfors, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel
Anställningsformer och anställningsotrygghet i ett föränderligt arbetsliv : Symposium 2021
Petra Lindfors, Anna Sofia Tanimoto, Lena Låstad
Variabler eller individer : Kan individfokus ge profilerad kunskap? 2021
Lena Låstad, Magnus Sverke, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Anställningsotrygghet och prestation : resultat från en meta-analys 2021
Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Kari Trost,
et al.
Exploring Lived Experiences of Parents of Youth and Youth with a Foreign Background in Sweden 2021
Louise E. Bergman, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Aleksandra Bujacz,
et al.
Comparing Depressive Symptoms, Emotional Exhaustion, and Sleep Disturbances in Self-Employed and Employed Workers : Application of Approximate Bayesian Measurement Invariance 2021
Annika Lantz, Daniela Ulberg, Peter Friedrich
Effektive Teamarbeit : Probleme erkennen, einschätzen und lösen 2021
Josefine Wennberg, Ellinor Bergström
Arbetssituationens betydelse för stress och arbetsengagemang bland anställda inom finansbranschen 2021

Historien om svensk psykologisk forskning : Utvecklingen från perception och psykofysik 2021
Marta Sousa-Ribeiro, Magnus Sverke, Joaquim Luís Coimbra
Engagement in meaningful activities during unemployment and subjective well-being : Contributions from a Portuguese study 2021
Jörgen Eklund, Kristina Palm, Ann Bergman,
et al.
Framtidens arbetsmiljö – trender, digitalisering och anställningsformer : Regeringsuppdrag att sammanställa kunskap om framtidens arbetsliv A2018/00929/ARM 2021
Liesel Engelbrecht, Karina Mostert, Jaco Pienaar,
et al.
Coping Processes of South African First-Year University Students : An Exploratory Study 2021
Constanze Leineweber, Paraskevi Peristera, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
Is interpersonal justice related to group and organizational turnover? Results from a Swedish panel study 2021
Gunnar Aronsson
Recension av boken Vad är arbetsvetenskap? En introduktion av Gunnar Gillberg, Erik Ljungar, Anna Peixoto och Jonas Axelsson (red.) 2021
Annika Härenstam, Tina Forsberg
Könssegregering, makt och arbetsmiljö 2020
Katharina Klug, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Eva Selenko,
et al.
Temporal and person-oriented perspectives on job insecurity 2020
Susanna Mixter, Svend Erik Mathiassen, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Stress-Related Responses to Alternations between Repetitive Physical Work and Cognitive Tasks of Different Difficulties 2020
Wanja Astvik, Jonas Welander, Robert Larsson
Reasons for Staying : A Longitudinal Study of Work Conditions Predicting Social Workers’ Willingness to Stay in Their Organisation 2020
Magnus Helgesson, Staffan Marklund, Klas Gustafsson,
et al.
Interaction Effects of Physical and Psychosocial Working Conditions on Risk for Sickness Absence : A Prospective Study of Nurses and Care Assistants in Sweden 2020
Emmanuel Aboagye, Klas Gustafsson, Irene Jensen,
et al.
What is Number of Days in Number of Times? : Associations Between, and Responsiveness of, Two Sickness Presenteeism Measures 2020
Annika Lantz, Daniela Ulber, Peter Friedrich
Problemen med teamarbete och hur du löser dem 2020
Alicia Ohlsson
Adaptive behaviors and skills in high-level military staff work : Coping with organizational demands, use of smooth power, and political skill 2020
Lisa Björk, Gunnar Aronsson, Erik Berntson,
et al.
Att synliggöra och motverka ojämställdhet i arbetslivet : drivkrafter, metoder och perspektiv i Annika Härenstams forskargärning 2020
Gunnar Aronsson
Tillit 2020
Alexander Nordgren Selar, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
“It’s [Not] All ‘Bout the Money” : How do Performance-based Pay and Support of Psychological Needs Variables Relate to Job Performance? 2020
Sofia Malmrud, Helena Falkenberg, Constanze Eib,
et al.
Just What I See? Implications of Congruence Between Supervisors’ and Employees’ Perceptions of Pay Justice for Employees’ Work-Related Attitudes and Behaviors 2020
Gunnar Bergström, Klas Gustafsson, Emmanuel Aboagye,
et al.
A Resourceful Work Environment Moderates the Relationship between Presenteeism and Health : A Study Using Repeated Measures in the Swedish Working Population 2020
Karina Mostert, Jaco Pienaar
The moderating effect of social support on the relationship between burnout, intention to drop out, and satisfaction with studies of first-year university students 2020
Charlotte Björkenstam, Krisztina D. László, Cecilia Orellana,
et al.
Sickness absence and disability pension in relation to first childbirth and in nulliparous women according to occupational groups : a cohort study of 492,504 women in Sweden 2020
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Johanna Stengård, Constanze Leineweber,
et al.
Stuck at a workplace : What’s work control, demands and learning got to do with it? A longitudinal multilevel study on Swedish permanent employees in situations of ‘workplace locked-in’ 2020
Loretta Platts, Aram Seddigh, Erik Berntson,
et al.
Sickness absence and sickness presence in relation to office type : An observational study of employer-recorded and self-reported data from Sweden 2020
Viktor Persson, Constanze Eib, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
Effects of procedural justice on prospective antidepressant medication prescription : a longitudinal study on Swedish workers 2020
Helena Falkenberg, Petra Lindfors, Tarani Chandola,
et al.
Do gender and socioeconomic status matter when combining work and family : Could control at work and at home help? Results from the Whitehall II study 2020
Klas Gustafsson, Staffan Marklund, Gunnar Aronsson,
et al.
Interaction effects of physical and psychosocial working conditions on the risk of disability pension among nursing professionals and care assistants in Sweden : A prospective study 2020
Charlotte Petersson, Susanna Toivanen, Cecilia U.D. Stenfors,
et al.
Outdoor Office Work – hur funkar det? 2020
Sandra Blomqvist, Tianwei Xu, Paraskevi Persitera,
et al.
Associations between cognitive and affective job insecurity and incident purchase of psychotropic drugs : A prospective cohort study of Swedish employees 2020
Wanja Astvik, Jonas Welander, Johnny Hellgren
A comparative study of how social workers' voice and silence strategies relate to organisational resources, attitudes and well-being at work 2020
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Nele De Cuyper, Megan Murphy,
et al.
Flessibilità organizzativa e lavori atipici 2020
Annika Lantz Friedrich, Daniela Ulber
Il lavoro in team nelle organizzazioni 2020
Petra Lindfors, Helena Falkenberg, Magnus Sverke
Organiserad psykosocial arbetsmiljö : framåtblickar utifrån befintligt kunskapsläge 2020
Magnus Sverke, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Cambiamento organizzativo e sue conseguenze (e come mitigarle) 2020
Nik Chmiel, Franco Fraccaroli, Magnus Sverke
Introduzione 2020

Introduzione alla psicologia delle organizzazioni : Una prospettiva internazionale 2020
Johanna Stengård, Erik Berntson, Constanze Leineweber,
et al.
Who Gets Stuck in Their Workplaces? The Role of Matching Factors, between Individual and Job, and Demographics in Predicting Being Locked In 2020
Annika Lantz Friedrich, Daniela Ulber, Peter Friedrich
The Problems with Teamwork, and How to Solve Them 2020
Krisztina D. László, Charlotte Björkenstam, Pia Svedberg,
et al.
Sickness absence and disability pension before and after first childbirth and in nulliparous women by numerical gender segregation of occupations : A Swedish population-based longitudinal cohort study 2020

Att synliggöra och motverka ojämställdhet i arbetslivet : En vänbok till Annika Härenstam 2020
David Bergman, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Erik Berntson
Direct and sustained effects on leadership self-efficacy due to the inability to complete a parachute training course 2019


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Work and Organizational Psychology

Work and organizational psychology is the study of individuals’ work-related experiences, perceptions, reactions, and actions in relation to work matters and organization, individual expectations, and the ways in which individuals comprise and/or interact with groups and organizations. Studies examine the importance of physical and psycho-social factors of the work environment for motivation and performance as well as for career development, health, and well-being. The interactions between the individual, group, and organization are also studied in light of various organizational conditions, including the mutual choices and preferences of organizations and individuals. The focus is often on paid work, but psychological aspects of unpaid work (e.g., in the home, for a non-profit organization) and the boundary between work and the rest of life are also objects of study as well as the psychological aspects of involuntary unemployment. A distinguishing feature of work and organizational psychology, in comparison to other work sciences, is the inclusion of the individual perspective.

Source: The Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences
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