The gallery contains all dissertations in this area that have been presented at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University and thus represents a historical documentation of the dissertations written from 1956 to today within the field of work, organization, stress, and health.

Magnus Sverke, Gunn Johansson och Ulf Lundberg
Co-creators: Magnus Sverke, Gunn Johansson, and Ulf Lundberg


The exhibition is located on the third level of Frescati Hagväg 14, where a series of framed versions of the dissertations' covers are on display along with photos of the authors. Our ambition was to let the authors choose their own photos from the year of their doctoral defense.

In room 343 on Frescati Hagväg 14 there is a dissertation library containing copies of all of the dissertations in the gallery.

Web version of the dissertation gallery

The author link in the table below opens a pdf-version of the dissertation cover with a photo of the author. The title link opens a new window with full information about the dissertation in the DiVA database, where available.

Until the web gallery is complete dissertations 1956-2010 can be found in the previously published pdf-version:

Dissertation Gallery, 1956-2010 (5497 Kb)

Författare Titel År Handledare
Alicia Ohlsson (PDF) Adaptive behaviors and skills in high-level military staff work: Coping with organizational demands, use of smooth power, and political skill. 2020 Magnus Sverke
Gerry Larsson
Petra Lindfors
Aida Alvinius
Johanna Stengård (PDF) Being stuck in the workplace: Who is locked-in and what are the implications for well-being and health? 2018 Claudia Bernhard-Oettel
Erik Berntson
Eva Charlotta Nylén (PDF) Psykosocial arbetsmiljö i välfärdssektorn. Krav i arbetet, resurser i arbetet och personliga resurser samt betydelsen av organiserade arbetsmiljöinsatser. 2017 Magnus Sverke
Petra Lindfors
Pascale Le Blanc
Maria Öhrstedt (PDF) Högskolestudenters lärande. Ett lärstrategiskt perspektiv på studier i psykologi. 2017 Petra Lindfors
Max Scheja
Lena Låstad (PDF) Job insecurity climate. The nature of the construct, its associations with outcomes, and its relation to individual job insecurity. 2015 Erik Berntson
Katharina Näswall
Magnus Sverke
Stefan Annell (PDF) Hållbar polisrekrytering. Teoretiska, metodologiska och praktiska perspektiv på rekrytering och urval. 2015 Magnus Sverke
Petra Lindfors
Aram Seddigh (PDF) Office type, performance and well-being. 2015 Erik Berntson
Hugo Westerlund
Fredrik Jönsson
Malin Mattson (PDF) Promoting safety in organizations: The role of leadership and managerial practices. 2015 Ingemar Torbiörn
Johnny Hellgren
Magnus Sverke
Constanze Eib (PDF) Processes of organizational justice: Insights into the perception and enactment of justice. 2015 Claudia Bernhard Oettel
Magnus Sverke
Hanna Li Kusterer (PDF) Women and men in management: Stereotypes, evaluation and discourse. 2014 Henry Montgomery
Torun Lindholm
Lisa Folkesson Hellstadius (PDF) Psychobiological functioning in mid-adolescent girls and boys: Linkages to self reported stress, self-esteem and recurrent pain. 2014 Petra Lindfors
Laura Ferrer-Wreder
Niklas Hansen (PDF) Arbetsvillkor i privat och offentlig sjukvård: Implikationer för personalens attityder och hälsa. 2014 Magnus Sverke
Stephan Baraldi
Petra Lindfors
Sofia Sjöberg (PDF) Utilizing research in the practice of personnel selection: General mental ability, personality, and job performance. 2014 Magnus Sverke
Katharina Näswall
Kristina Langhammer (PDF) Employee selection: Mechanisms behind practitioners' preference for hiring practices. 2013 Johnny Hellgren
Claudia Bernhard Oettel
Marianne Jakobsson (PDF) Decisions with medium to long-term consequences: Decision processes and structures. 2013 Johnny Hellgren
Ola Svenson
Karin Schraml (PDF) Chronic stress among adolescents: Contributing factors and associations with academic achievement. 2013 Aleksander Perski
Maarit Johnson
Joakim Westerlund
Roberto Riva (PDF) Psychobiological responses in women with regional or widespread musculoskeletal pain conditions. 2012 Petra Lindfors
Ulf Lundberg
Anne Richter (PDF) Job insecurity and its consequences: Investigating moderators, mediators and gender. 2011 Katharina Näswall
Magnus Sverke
Claudia Bernhard Oettel
Victoria Blom (PDF) Striving for self-esteem: Conceptualizations and role in burnout. 2011 Maarit Johnson
Petra Lindfors
Cornelia Wulff (PDF) General mental ability as related to school, work and health: The importance of childhood mental abitlity for work-related factors among middle-aged women and men. 2011 Petra Lindfors
Magnus Sverke
Lars Häsänen Organizational death and employee motivation: Investigating a plant closure in a multi-plant organization. 2010 Johnny Hellgren
Gunn Johansson
Teresia Stråberg Employee perspectives on individualized pay: Attitudes and fairness perceptions. 2010 Johnny Hellgren
Magnus Sverke
Helena Falkenberg (PDF) How privatization and corporation affect healthcare employees' work climate, work attitudes and ill-health: Implications of social status. 2010 Magnus Sverke
Katharina Näswall
Sara Göransson (PDF) Seeking Individual Health and Organizational Sustainability: The implications of change and mobility. 2009

Magnus Sverke
Katharina Näswall

Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz (PDF) Health and ill health in working women - balancing work and recovery. 2008 Ulf Lundberg
Petra Lindfors
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel (PDF) Alternative employment and well-being: Contract heterogeneity and differences among individuals. 2008 Magnus Sverke
Kerstin Isaksson
Gunnar Aronsson
Stephan Baraldi (PDF) Union Mergers in Times of Restructuring: A Psychological Approach. 2008 Magnus Sverke
Gary Chiason
Erik Berntson (PDF) Employability perceptions: Nature, determinants, and implications for health and well-being. 2008 Magnus Sverke
Staffan Marklund
Klas Gustafsson (PDF) Working conditions, compensatory strategies, and recovery. 2008 Gunnar Aronsson
Bo Melin