Research programmes

Research programmes

A variety of large and small research projects are underway in the division. Here are descriptions of several longer-term projects.

Research in our division is often across sub-fields within psychology and hence across departmental divisions (e.g., with connections to cognitive and biological, clinical divisions). In addition, many projects are also transdisciplinary – involve research collaboration with community members – and interdisciplinary, for instance scholars in our division with active scientific collaborations with scholars in statistics, education, or public health.

Research in attachment

Head of programme: Pehr Granqvist, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

Research in applied developmental science

Heads of program: Laura Ferrer-Wreder and Lilianne Eninger, PhD., Associate Professors.

Individual Development and Adaptation (IDA)

IDA was founded by professor emeritus David Magnusson in the early sixties and he led the research program until 1996. IDA was led by professor emeritus Lars R. Bergman 1996-2011 and thereafter by professor Henrik Andershed and docent Anna-Karin Andershed, both at Örebro University. The program is still active and new data collections are planned as the participants enter retirement age. The majority of current IDA research is done at Örebro University but research is also ongoing at our department with Lars Bergman as the principal investigator.

Research on self-esteem

Head of program: Maarit Johnson, PhD, Associate Professor.

Research in social psychology

Head of programme: Professor Torun Lindholm.

Research contacts

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Frescati Hagv 8 - 14
Telephone: +46-8-16 2000 (exchange)
Fax: +46-8-15 9342

Head of department
Professor Håkan Fischer

Heads of divisions
Biological psychology
Professor Håkan Fischer

Clinical psychology
Professor Per Carlbring

Cognitive psychology
Professor Timo Mäntylä

Perception and psychophysics
Professor Maria Larsson

Personality, social and developmental psychology
Professor Torun Lindholm

Work and organizational psychology
Professor Magnus Sverke