Research is conducted within all three subdisciplines, although most research within the division is focused on development and on social psychological experiments. However, parts of this research have clear elements of personality psychology because some of the phenomena that are tracked during development or qualifying experimental situation effects are personality-related factors.

The chair in personality, social and developmental psychology

The first professor in the division was David Magnusson, who is a world-leading researcher in interactionistic psychology. Among other things, he developed the holistic-interactionist framework. The professorship was taken over in 1994 by Lars Bergman and was then focused on behavioral longitudinal research, although Bergman is also active in developing psychological research, particularly the study of individual development in a life-span perspective. Since Bergman retired in 2012 the division has been without a chair.

The division is currently headed by Torun Lindholm (Division Head) and Laura Ferrer-Wreder (Deputy Division Head).

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