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New scientific articles

Author Title Year
Anne-Wil Kruijt, Per Carlbring
Processing confusing procedures in the recent re-analysis of a cognitive bias modification meta-analysis 2018
Ola Svenson, Nichel Gonzalez, Amina Memon,
et al.
Information about expert decision and post-decision distortion of facts of own decision 2018
Fabian Lenhard, Sebastian Sauer, Erik Andersson,
et al.
Prediction of outcome in internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy for paediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder : A machine learning approach 2018
Margit Wångby-Lundh, Marie-Louise Klingstedt, Lars R. Bergman,
et al.
Swedish adolescent girls in special residential treatment : A person-oriented approach to the identification of problem syndromes 2018
Marie-Louise Klingstedt, Tina Olsson, Laura Ferrer-Wreder,
et al.
Relationship quality, well-being and, externalizing problems : The prospective importance of behavior profiles among young women who experienced care in special residential homes 2018
Hanna Hultin, Laura Ferrer-Wreder, K. Eichas,
et al.
Psychometric Properties of an Instrument to Measure Social and Pedagogical School Climate Among Teachers (PESOC) 2018
Daniel Hovey, Susanne Henningsson, Diana S. Cortes,
et al.
Emotion recognition associated with polymorphism in oxytocinergic pathway gene ARNT2 2018
Alexander Rozental, David Forsström, Philip Lindner,
et al.
Treating Procrastination Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy : A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Treatment Delivered via the Internet or in Groups 2018
Hampus Bejnö, Susanna Johansson, Jonas Ramnerö,
et al.
Emergent Language Responses Following Match-to-Sample Training among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2018
Rasmus Eklund, Stefan Wiens
Visual awareness negativity is an early neural correlate of awareness : A preregistered study with two Gabor sizes 2018
Bin-Bin Chen, Nora Wiium, Radosveta Dimitrova
Factor structure of positive youth development : Contributions of exploratory structural equation modeling 2018
Sebastian Cancino-Montecinos, Fredrik Björklund, Torun Lindholm
Dissonance and abstraction : Cognitive conflict leads to higher level of construal 2018
Victoria Blom, Anne Richter, Lennart Hallsten,
et al.
The associations between job insecurity, depressive symptoms and burnout : The role of performance-based self-esteem 2018
Patrik N. Juslin, Petri Laukka, Tanja Banziger
The Mirror to Our Soul? Comparisons of Spontaneous and Posed Vocal Expression of Emotion 2018
Samir El Alaoui, Erik Hedman, Brjann Ljotsson,
et al.
Predictors and Moderators of Internet- and Group-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Panic Disorder 2014
Pia Svedberg, Lisa Mather, Gunnar Bergström,
et al.
Work-Home Interference, Perceived Total Workload, and the Risk of Future Sickness Absence Due to Stress-Related Mental Diagnoses Among Women and Men : a Prospective Twin Study 2018
Maria Öhrstedt, Max Scheja
Targeting efficient studying - first-semester psychology students' experiences 2018
Linus Andersson, Petra Sandberg, Jonas K. Olofsson,
et al.
Effects of Task Demands on Olfactory, Auditory, and Visual Event-Related Potentials Suggest Similar Top-Down Modulation Across Senses 2018
Arne Kodal, Krister Fjermestad, Ingvar Bjelland,
et al.
Long-term effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for youth with anxiety disorders 2018
Andreas Gerhardsson, Håkan Fischer, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Emotional working memory in older adults after total sleep deprivation 2018
Annika Härenstam
Inclusion, sustainability, and equality : how can research contribute? 2018
Martina Nordh, Sarah Vigerland, Lars-Göran Öst,
et al.
Therapist-guided internet-delivered cognitive–behavioural therapy supplemented with group exposure sessions for adolescents with social anxiety disorder : a feasibility trial 2018
Radosveta Dimitrova, Deborah J. Johnson, Fons J. R. van de Vijver
Ethnic socialization, ethnic identity, life satisfaction and school achievement of Roma ethnic minority youth 2018
Jin Yong Jeon, Joo Young Hong, Catherine Lavandier,
et al.
A cross-national comparison in assessment of urban park soundscapes in France, Korea, and Sweden through laboratory experiments 2018
Johanna Schwarz, Andreas Gerhardsson, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Age-dependent effects of sleep deprivation on task performance and mind wandering 2018
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Mats Lekander, Gustav Nilsonne,
et al.
Effects of late-night short-sleep on in-home polysomnography : relation to adult age and sex 2018
Monique Landberg, Radosveta Dimitrova, Moin Syed
International Perspectives on Identity and Acculturation in Emerging Adulthood : Introduction to the Special Issue 2018
Aleksandra Bujacz, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Thomas Rigotti,
et al.
Psychosocial Working Conditions Among High-Skilled Workers : A Latent Transition Analysis 2017
Marta Sousa-Ribeiro, Magnus Sverke, Joaquim Luís Coimbra,
et al.
Intentions to Participate in Training Among Older Unemployed People : A Serial Mediator Model 2017
Pedro Torrente, Ulla Kinnunen, Marjaana Sianoja,
et al.
The Effects of Relaxation Exercises and Park Walks During Workplace Lunch Breaks on Physiological Recovery 2017
Viveca Östberg, Sara B. Låftman, Bitte Modin,
et al.
Bullying as a Stressor in Mid-Adolescent Girls and Boys–Associations with Perceived Stress, Recurrent Pain, and Salivary Cortisol 2018
Shervin Shahnavaz, Erik Hedman-Lagerlöf, Tove Hasselblad,
et al.
Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents With Dental Anxiety : Open Trial 2018
Hans Hasselbladh, Eva Bejerot
Performative policy : the case of Swedish healthcare reforms 2018
Stefan Wiens, Malina Szychowska, Rasmus Eklund,
et al.
Data on the auditory duration mismatch negativity for different sound pressure levels and visual perceptual loads 2018
Anne-Katrin Kantzer, Elisabeth Fernell, Joakim Westerlund,
et al.
Young children who screen positive for autism : Stability, change and comorbidity over two years 2018
Philip Lindner, Pär Flodin, Peter Larm,
et al.
Amygdala-orbitofrontal structural and functional connectivity in females with anxiety disorders, with and without a history of conduct disorder 2018
Daniel Lundqvist, Joakim Svärd, Åsa Michelgård Palmquist,
et al.
Patients with Parkinson’s disease display a dopamine therapy related negative bias and an enlarged range in emotional responses to facial emotional stimuli 2017
Tine Nordgreen, Rolf Gjestad, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
The implementation of guided Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for panic disorder in a routine-care setting : effectiveness and implementation efforts 2017
Per Carlbring, Gerhard Andersson, Pim Cuijpers,
et al.
Internet-based vs. face-to-face cognitive behavior therapy for psychiatric and somatic disorders : an updated systematic review and meta-analysis 2018
Marius Zimmermann, Rogier B. Mars, Floris P. de Lange,
et al.
Is the extrastriate body area part of the dorsal visuomotor stream? 2018
Anna M. Dåderman, Åke Hellström
Interrater Reliability of Psychopathy Checklist–Revised : Results on Multiple Analysis Levels for a Sample of Patients Undergoing Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation 2018
Andrzej Werbart, Mo Wang
Predictors of not starting and dropping out from psychotherapy in Swedish public service settings 2012
Christina Bodin Danielsson, Cornelia Wulff, Hugo Westerlund
Is perception of leadership influenced by office environment? 2013
Tobias Lundgren, Jason B. Luoma, JoAnne Dahl,
et al.
The Bull's-Eye Values Survey : A Psychometric Evaluation 2012
V.V. Ruchkin, R.A. Koposov, Britt af Klinteberg,
et al.
Platelet MAO-B, personality, and psychopathology 2018
Jenny Eklund, P.O. Alm, Britt af Klinteberg
Monoamine Oxidase Activity and Tri-Iodothyronine Level in Violent Offenders with Early Behavioural Problems 2018
Jenny M. Eklund, Britt af Klinteberg
Personality Characteristics as Risk Indications of Alcohol Use and Violent Behavior in Male and Female Adolescents 2018
Jenny M. Eklund, Britt af Klinteberg
Stability of and Change in Criminal Behavior : A Prospective Study of Young Male Lawbreakers and Controls 2018
Jenny Freidenfelt, Britt af Klinteberg
Exploring Adult Personality and Psychopathy Tendencies in Former Childhood Hyperactive Delinquent Males 2018
Bert De Coensel, Mats E. Nilsson, Birgitta Berglund,
et al.
Perceptual constancy in auditory perception of distance to railway tracks 2013
Lars-Göran Öst, Anna Karlstedt, Sara Widén
The Effects of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Delivered by Students in a Psychologist Training Program : An Effectiveness Study 2012
Lars-Göran Öst
Rebuttal of Atkins et al. (2017) critique of the Öst (2014) meta-analysis of ACT 2018
Maria Öhrstedt, Petra Lindfors
Linkages between approaches to learning, perceived stress and expected and actual academic outcomes among first-semester psychology students 2017
Pia M. Risholm Mothander
Diagnostic classification of mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood (DC:0-5) : Implementation considerations and clinical remarks 2016
Robert Persson Asplund, Jesper Dagöö, Ida Fjellström,
et al.
Internet-based stress management for distressed managers : results from a randomised controlled trial 2018
Andrzej Werbart, Siri Aldén, Anders Diedrichs
Changes in the anaclitic-introjective personality configurations following psychoanalytic psychotherapy with young adults 2017
Christina Regenbogen, John Axelsson, Julie Lasselin,
et al.
Behavioral and neural correlates to multisensory detection of sick humans 2017
Thomas H. Ollendick, Sarah M. Ryan, Nicole N. Capriola-Hall,
et al.
The mediating role of changes in harm beliefs and coping efficacy in youth with specific phobias 2018
Anna Nyberg, Paraskevi Peristera, Hugo Westerlund,
et al.
Does job promotion affect men's and women's health differently? Dynamic panel models with fixed effects 2017
Ulrika Långh, Martin Hammar, Lars Klintwall,
et al.
Allegiance and knowledge levels of professionals working with early intensive behavioural intervention in autism 2018
Jia He, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver, Velichko H. Fetvadjiev,
et al.
On Enhancing the Cross-Cultural Comparability of Likert-Scale Personality and Value Measures : A Comparison of Common Procedures 2018
Anna Andreasson, Helena Schiller, Torbjörn Åkerstedt,
et al.
Brief report : Contemplate your symptoms and re-evaluate your health. A study on working adults. 2018
Britt af Klinteberg, Sven-Erik Johansson, Maria Levander,
et al.
Smoking habits – Associations with personality/behavior, platelet monoamine oxidase activity and plasma thyroid hormone levels 2017
Peter F. Titzmann, Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Radosveta Dimitrova
Introduction to a special section on Explaining Positive Adaptation of Immigrant and Minority Youth across Cultures 2018
Radosveta Dimitrova, Carmen Buzea, Jitka Tausova,
et al.
Relationships between identity domains and life satisfaction in minority and majority youth in Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Romania 2018
Lutz Wittmann, Thomas Anstadt, Tamara Fischmann,
et al.
Ein Traum, zwei Methoden : das Traumseminar nach Morgenthaler und das Zurich Dream Proces Coding System im Vergleich 2018
Rongwei Zhang, Dan Li, Fei Chen,
et al.
Interparental Conflict Relative to Suicidal Ideation in Chinese Adolescents : The Roles of Coping Strategies and Meaning in Life 2017
Jin Xue, Tongtong Liu, Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos,
et al.
Age of Acquisition Effects on Word Processing for Chinese Native Learners' English : ERP Evidence for the Arbitrary Mapping Hypothesis 2017
Brigitte Vollmer, Aiko Lundequist, Gustaf Mårtensson,
et al.
Correlation between white matter microstructure and executive functions suggests early developmental influence on long fibre tracts in preterm born adolescents 2017
Kaisa Törnroos, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Constanze Leineweber
Perceived employability trajectories : A Swedish cohort study 2017
Mårten Tyrberg, Per Carlbring, Tobias Lundgren
Usefulness of the ACT model for nurses in psychiatric inpatient care : A qualitative content analysis 2017
Liv Thalén, Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock, Ove Almkvist,
et al.
Do adapted vignettes improve medical decision-making capacity forindividuals with Alzheimer's disease? 2018
Ola Svenson, Daniëlle Treurniet
Speed reductions and judgments of travel time loss : Biases and debiasing 2017
Ola Svenson, Gabriella Eriksson
Mental models of driving and speed : biases, choices and reality 2017
Tina Sundelin, Mats Lekander, Kimmo Sorjonen,
et al.
Negative effects of restricted sleep on facial appearance and social appeal 2017
John F. Stins, Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Femke Hulzinga,
et al.
Words That Move Us : The Effects of Sentences on Body Sway 2017
Johanna Stengård, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Erik Berntson,
et al.
Stuck in the job : Does helplessness precede being locked-in at the workplace or vice versa? An analysis of cross-lagged effects 2017
Ingrid Steen Rostad, Ann Fridner, Marie Gustafsson Sendén,
et al.
Paid Sick Leave as a Means to Reduce Sickness Presenteeism Among Physicians 2017
Sigrid Salomonsson, Fredrik Santoft, Elin Lindsäter,
et al.
Cognitive-behavioural therapy and return-to-work intervention for patients on sick leave due to common mental disorders : a randomised controlled trial 2017
Sophia C. Poletti, Annachiara Cavazzana, Cagdas Guducu,
et al.
Indistinguishable odour enantiomers : Differences between peripheral and central-nervous electrophysiological responses 2017
Richard M. Piech, Daniela Strelchuk, Jake Knights,
et al.
People with higher interoceptive sensitivity are more altruistic, but improving interoception does not increase altruism 2017
Thomas H. Ollendick, Lars-Göran Öst, Sarah M. Ryan,
et al.
Harm beliefs and coping expectancies in youth with specific phobias 2017
Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Juan C. Correa, Gopal Sakarkar,
et al.
Placing joy, surprise and sadness in space : A cross-linguistic study 2017
Tobias Lundgren, Thomas Parling
Swedish Acceptance and Action Questionnaire (SAAQ) : A psychometric evaluation 2017
Marco Tullio Liuzza, Torun Lindholm, Caitlin Hawley,
et al.
The Body Odor Disgust Scale (BODS) : Development and Validation of a Novel Olfactory Disgust Assessment 2017
Martina Lind, Mimi Visentini, Timo Mäntylä,
et al.
Choice-Supportive Misremembering : A New Taxonomy and Review 2018
Peter Lilliengren, Robert Johansson, Joel M. Town,
et al.
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for generalized anxiety disorder : A pilot effectiveness and process-outcome study 2018
Pascale M. Le Blanc, Beatrice I. J. M. Van der Heijden, Tinka Van Vuuren
"I WILL SURVIVE" A Construct Validation Study on the Measurement of Sustainable Employability Using Different Age Conceptualizations 2017
Maria Larsson, Carlos Tirado, Stefan Wiens
A Meta-Analysis of Odor Thresholds and Odor Identification in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2017
Marianna Kosic, Radosveta Dimitrova
Collective identity assets for psychological well-being in Slovene minority and Italian majority adolescents in Italy 2017
Igor Knez, Louise Ljunglöf, Artin Arshamian,
et al.
Self-grounding visual, auditory and olfactory autobiographical memories 2017
Bianka Karshikoff, Tina Sundelin, Julie Lasselin
Role of inflammation in Human Fatigue : Relevance of Multidimensional Assessments and Potential Neuronal Mechanisms 2017
Maria Josefsson, Maria Larsson, Steven Nordin,
et al.
APOE-epsilon 4 effects on longitudinal decline in olfactory and non-olfactory cognitive abilities in middle-aged and old adults 2017
Leonardo Iaccarino, Konstantinos Chiotis, Pierpaolo Alongi,
et al.
A Cross-Validation of FDG- and Amyloid-PET Biomarkers in Mild Cognitive Impairment for the Risk Prediction to Dementia due to Alzheimer's Disease in a Clinical Setting 2017
C. J. Boraxbekk, Filip Hagkvist, Philip Lindner
Motor and mental training in older people : Transfer, interference, and associated functional neural responses 2016
Laure Saint-Aubert, Ove Almkvist, Konstantinos Chiotis,
et al.
Regional tau deposition measured by [F-18]THK5317 positron emission tomography is associated to cognition via glucose metabolism in Alzheimer's disease 2016
Audun Havnen, Bjarne Hansen, Lars-Göran Öst,
et al.
Concentrated ERP Delivered in a Group Setting : A Replication Study 2017
Pehr Granqvist, L. Alan Sroufe, Mary Dozier,
et al.
Disorganized attachment in infancy : a review of the phenomenon and its implications for clinicians and policy-makers 2017
Katarzyna Giertuga, Marta Zakrzewska, Maksymilian Bielecki,
et al.
Age-Related Changes in Resting-State EEG Activity in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder : A Cross-Sectional Study 2017
Florian Eyben, Klaus R. Scherer, Björn W. Schuller,
et al.
The Geneva Minimalistic Acoustic Parameter Set (GeMAPS) for Voice Research and Affective Computing 2016

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