Beautiful campus

In Frescati Hage the Department of Psychology has a beautiful little campus on the outskirts of Stockholm University's main campus. The buildings were originally built for a Forestry College and because of this there is an interesting arboretum (collection of trees) in the park.

A large lawn well suited to lie and read on in the spring sunshine and for summer parties, leads down to the water of Lake Brunnsviken and on the other side of the water, you see the royal Haga park.

Here is a map of the university [PDF] (3543 Kb) and the Department of Psychology is in the boxes C4, C5 and D5 (the houses marked 8, 9, 12 and 14).

Computer labs and IT support

The Department of Psychology has had its own computer labs for students since the 1980s. Today we have a number of Macs running Mac OS X. For access to the labs, you need a code, which you get when you sign up for a course. There is an additional cost for printing. To be able to log on to the computers a university account is required.

Please check out IT for students for information on how to activate your university account and more.

Places to eat

In our own house, Frescati Hagv 8, there is Lejonkulan, a student kitchen where you can heat and eat your own food. Vending machines with hot and cold drinks and snacks are also available in Frescati Hagv 8.

Unfortunately there is not plenty of good places to eat in Frescati Hage. But a short walk past the canoeing club, there is the slightly more expensive inn Kräftan and a little further in the same direction, in Kräftriket, there is Prego Kräftriket and Café Matte.

On the main university campus at five minutes walking distance there are many more options, notably the Lantis canteen.

Places to study in

There are a number of places where students can sit and study more or less undisturbed.

There are plenty of seats in the generously sized corridors in the house and in a room adjacent to the Plaza outside the computer labs on the ground floor. Also Lejonkulan in the basement is a good place for studying, except maybe during lunch hour.

If you are a small group who wants to work undisturbed you can book one of the group rooms. Please ask the student office to help you with this.