In the report [PDF, in Swedish] the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University is covered on pages 151-158 with the following summary verdict:

"The stand-alone courses in psychology, the Psychologist Programme and the PhD Programme in psychology at Stockholm University is of good quality. Teaching has good research links. There is small group laboratory work on courses at all levels. The Psychologist Programme is characterized by strong links to the profession and practical elements are introduced at an early stage. There are also initiatives to facilitate programme students to go on to PhD education." (Page 157.)

Since this evaluation was made the department has continued to develop and proved popular with students making the department one of the largest at Stockholm University.

The department is informed by the view that teaching and scientific research are inexorably linked.

Undergraduate and Master as well as PhD education in psychology have long attracted more women applicants than men, while most professors have been male. However, research and teaching within the department is carried out in forms that provide opportunities for each individual to develop without inappropriate consideration of gender, ethnic or social background. Encompassed is a zero tolerance of offensive discrimination.

Stockholm University and the Department of Psychology have adopted the Bologna model for education. This should, among other things, denote increased opportunities for international cooperation.