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1. Psychological aspects of criminality, 6 HECs

This module concerns psychological aspects of crime and concerns psychological knowledge of criminal behaviour, the consequences of criminal behaviour, and theories about who commits crime. The module also covers recedivism, psychological consulting for the legal system and crime prevention. Further discussion will be aimed at elucidating psychological issues concerning crime victims. In addition, this module will include an orientation to "therapeutic jurisprudence" i.e. human rights philosophies and praxis that aim to increase the social and psychological wellbeing of those touched by crime.

2. Use of psychological knowledge in crime investigations, 6 HECs

The second module focuses on the role of psychological knowledge in criminal investigations. Interview methology is a central topic. This module illuminates strategies and effects of different interview techniques with witnesses and victims of crime as well as the interrogation of suspects. This module extends the subject area of Rättspsykologi I regarding the investigation of sexual assault on children, and other relevant issues surrounding children as victims of crime. Circumstances underlying false confessions will be discussed; along with different methods of profiling perpetrators.

3. Crime and psychology in the courts, media and public, 3 HECs

This module concerns those psychological affects associated with the reporting of criminal cases in news media; how fear of crime is spread and perpetuated, and the effect media exposure can have on the individual and society. Selected media debates will be studied concerning specific psychological phenomena and the role of psychological expertise in police investigations and court judgements.

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