Course content

1. Basic course, 6 HECs

From a forensic psychology perspective, this module aims to provide a basic orientation in perception, memory, social cognition and developmental psychology. The module will concern basic theoretical knowledge and empirical studies of attention and memory, with a focus on the relation between memory and emotion. Further, the module deals with central questions in social perception and their application in the legal system, as well as various models of communication. In addition, this module includes an orientation in developmental psychology with an emphasis on antisocial behaviour from a social/biological-psychological perspective.

2. Applied issues, 6 HECs

This module addresses the ability of adults and children to work with and communicate memories of traumatic events, both in terms of genuine and simulated amnesia and the difference between false and genuine memories. In addition, we shall consider interview techniques in relation to police interrogation, including witness confrontation and methods for judging credibility. Emphasis is placed on victims of crime, and issues surrounding the participation and expertise of psychologists in the criminal justice system.

3. Special work, 3 HECs

Independent, in-depth study of material related to the course chosen in discussion with the tutor.

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