The Psychologist programme comprises 12 courses summing to 300 higher-education credits (HECs). Please click on each course to view the syllabus of that course. It will open as a pdf-file in a new window.

  1. Introduction and scientific method (173 Kb)
  2. Neuropsychology and Cognition (171 Kb)
  3. Human Development and Gender Science (171 Kb)
  4. Personality and Abnormal Psychology (170 Kb)
  5. Dynamics of Groups and Organizations in Society (172 Kb)
  6. Psychological Assessment (173 Kb)
  7. Practicum (172 Kb)
  8. Organizational Psychology (172 Kb)
  9. Psychotherapy - Theory and Application (174 Kb)
  10. Electives (170 Kb)
  11. Methods in Consultation (170 Kb)
  12. Research Methods and Thesis (171 Kb)

The first seven courses correspond to the first three years of studies and are classified as being undergraduate studies. Courses 8 to 12 are classified as Masters studies. The programme will lead to a Master of Science in Psychology.

For more information about the programme, please contact our study advisor or the head of the program.