Application is done via the University’s recruitment system ReachMee and vacant PhD positions are announced / advertised at least one month before the application deadline. In order to apply for a PhD position at our department you have to register an account in the recruitment system (see the link at the end of the advertisement).

Below follows a description of the parts you need to include in your application:

1. Specify project position

If it is a project position, and we advertise more than one, you need to specify which one you are applying for.

Project positions 2019 (157 Kb)  (PDF)

2. In the system you need to enter your highest degree, other degrees, current employment, language skills, references and other requested information

When specifying your degrees, please also include information about the field of study, year, month, and place awarded.

3. Application letter

Motivate your application and summarise your qualifications. Preferably no more than one page, 4000 characters.

Your application letter should also contain information on (1) the planned pace of study, (2) the planned duration of the studies, and (3) the planned date for the public defence of the doctoral thesis. The pace of study is normally 100% (4 years of study for a PhD degree), but may not be lower than 50% (8 years of half-time studies for a PhD degree). The doctoral programme usually covers four years (full-time), but if you are credited with previous studies it shortens your education. For those who have a 2-year Master's degree, up to one year from the master's programme can be credited in the PhD programme. If credited with a whole year, the PhD programme thus becomes one year shorter.

4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Specify in your CV:

  • Degrees and completed courses and programmes;
  • Employment history;
  • Any leave of absence, including parental leave;
  • Any other experience of relevance.

Preferably no more than 2 pages, 8000 characters.

5. Project proposal/Research proposal

The Research Plan should be a maximum of 8 pages, including references, and written in Times New Roman font, size 12 with single spacing.

In an attachment, the applicant should outline the coming years of research for the applicant’s dissertation. This outline is not binding; the plan can and should be revised during the supervising and research process. The outline should be realistic in all aspects, with exception of the financial plan.

The Research Plan should at least consist of the following:

a. Purpose and Hypothesis

In this section the application committee should have a proper understanding of the applicant’s thought process concerning the dissertation. This includes the general thesis for the dissertation in its entirety, as well as the theses for the individual experiments/articles within the dissertation.

b. Background

This section should describe the theoretical framework within which the applicant is planning the dissertation. This includes earlier research and experience or knowledge the applicant has within the field. In the Background, the applicant should describe in detail the hypotheses of the dissertation, so that the thought process behind the dissertation is clear.

c. Method

This section is a description of the design of the individual experiments/articles that are planned with the dissertation in its entirety. This should include the following:

  • Choice, measuring, and operationalization of variables
  • Choice of population and sample of the experiments
  • Potential errors and how to adjust for these, if possible
  • Recruitment of participants
  • Method and Data analysis
  • Time table of the individual experiments and the dissertation in its entirety

6. Copies of certificates

Attach certificates confirming that you meet the general and specific entry requirements. Include a list of appendices. No more than 6 files.

In certain cases where the diploma has not yet been received, but the course work has been completed, certification of completion must be attached.

7. Scientific work that should be assessed

Only one written composition (e.g., thesis or article) will be evaluated by the reviewers. The written work that you want evaluated should be uploaded here. If a composition is included on which the applicant is not the sole author, the applicant should specify his/her own role as well as the role of co-authors for this composition. The applicant is also to motivate why this particular composition has been selected.  Moreover, a letter (or separate letters for each co-author) describing the role of the applicant for that composition is to be signed by the co-authors and appended to the application.

8. Other scientific works

List, but do not enclose to the application, all published and unpublished research reports, papers, degree projects, PM:s etc. Here you list written material to which can be referred as qualification and merit for acceptance into the Ph.D. program. Such material includes, but is not restricted to, published articles, undergraduate/graduate theses, and research reports; acceptance into the program is in large part based upon this material.

9. List previous work experience, services, and employment that is seen as appropriate qualifications for acceptance into the program

When, what kind of work, for how long, where, with whom.

10. Supervisor agreement

A certificate (see below for template) signed by a department supervisor willing to supervise the applicant upon acceptance into the program. As applicant, you must contact a presumptive supervisor yourself.

Please attach the signed and scanned supervisor agreement here.

Other appendices

Here you can attach any additional files to the application, for example, certificates, letters from co-authors if you attached an article where you are not the sole author etc.

Other comments or information which you feel is relevant for your application

You may include other comments, information, and merits that can be relevant for the application; for example, honor awards, honor recognition, and outstanding grades. If any of the above have been awarded from a Department outside the Department of Psychology, SU, then the applicant must attach a certified copy of the transcript.

Files for download

Supervisor agreement (59 Kb)

Criteria for the evaluation of applicants (110 Kb)

Supervisors 2019 (276 Kb)

General Syllabus 2014 (125 Kb)

Note that copies must be certified prior to scanning. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please see the advertisement for a link to the application system.