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The programme’s overall objective is to provide a broad and in-dept knowledge base within the field of psychology. Courses are offered, for example, in social psychology, evolutionary psychology, cognition, biological psychology, developmental psychology and work and organizational psychology.

The programme is a coherent degree programme that comprises 120 credits, meaning four semesters of full-time studies. The programme consists of four main blocks:

Block A: 30 credits of compulsory courses
Block B: 30 credits of elective courses in psychology
Block C: 30 credits of entirely elective courses
Block D: Master’s thesis (30 credits)

The programme gives a range of courses in psychology but it is also possible to combine these studies with courses in other subject areas, at other universities (in Sweden or in another country).  


Entry requirements and other conditions for admission

  • A Bachelor degree comprising at least 180 credits with at least 90 credits in psychology, or an equivalent foreign degree.
  • English level 6, or equivalent.


Basic information

Scope: 120 credits
Education plan: SIPSO (PDF)
Admittance: The programme starts every autumn.
Application deadline: 15 april 2020 
Rate of study: 100% (Daytime)
Level: Master's level
Language: English
Head of studies: Erik Berntson
Student administration:
Exchange student administration:

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