Heads and board of Department

The Department is headed by a board where the Head of Department is President. There is also a Co-Head and an Assistant Head of Department.

Head of Department

Professor Håkan Fischer, hakan.fischer@psychology.su.se

Co-Head of Department

Professor Torun Lindholm, tlm@psychology.su.se

Assistant Head of Department

Assistant Professor Fredrik Jönsson, fredrik.jonsson@psychology.su.se

The Department Board

The Department Board consists of 12 full members and 10 alternate members, including student representatives, and meets approximately once per month. The Board settles major issues of policy nature, and has the ultimate financial responsibility of the department.

The Department Board has its own page on the intranet "K@nelbloggen", where you can find the current composition, meeting minutes and more (local access or password required).

Administrative units

Administration (economy, HRM)

Henrik Lennermark, General Manager, henrik.lennermark@psychology.su.se
Emma Aldenstam, Staff Manager, hr@psychology.su.se
Anastasiia Ovsiannikova, Coordinator, koordinator@psychology.su.se

Undergraduate Education

Erik Berntson, Head of Studies, erik.berntson@psychology.su.se
Theres Arnosdotter, Student Office, expeditionen@psychology.su.se
Jenny Ehn, Study Advisors, stvl-grund@psychology.su.se

Psychologist Programme

Lilianne Eninger, Head of Studies, lilianne.eninger@psychology.su.se
Erika Södersten, Student Office, expeditionen@psychology.su.se
Sebastian Andersson, Study Advisor, stvl-profession@psychology.su.se

Psychotherapist Programme

Gunnel Jacobsson, Head of Studies, prm@psychology.su.se
Wenche Gros, Student Office, expeditionen@psychology.su.se
Sebastian Andersson, Study Advisor, stvl-profession@psychology.su.se

PhD Programme and Advanced Level Education

Fredrik Jönsson, Head of Studies, fredrik.jonsson@psychology.su.se
Jannica Vestergård, Student Office, expeditionen@psychology.su.se
Rut Kaliebsdottir, Study Advisors, study-master@psychology.su.se

Research divisions

The research groups at the Department of Psychology are divided into six research divisions. More information in the Research tab.

Biological psychology

Professor Håkan Fischer, Head of division, hakan.fischer@psychology.su.se

Clinical psychology

Professor Per Carlbring, Head of division, per.carlbring@psychology.su.se

Cognitive psychology

Professor Timo Mäntylä, Head of division, timo.mantyla@psychology.su.se

Perception and psychophysics

Professor Maria Larsson, Head of division, maria.larsson@psychology.su.se

Personality, social and developmental psychology

Professor Torun Lindholm, Head of division, tlm@psychology.su.se

Work and organizational psychology

Professor Magnus Sverke, Head of division, magnus.sverke@psychology.su.se


The Department of Psychology has a number of committees dealing with various aspects of university life. More information in Swedish on our intranet (local access or password required).

Computer Service Group

Henric Bergqvist
Tommy Olin

Environment and equal rights committee (RALV)

Emma Aldenstam, Staff Manager, emma.aldenstam@su.se

PhD Student Union

Hellen Vergoossen, PhD Student, hellen.vergoossen@psychology.su.se

Management Group

An advisory group to the head of department.

Professors Group

Håkan Fischer, Professor and Head of Department, hakan.fischer@psychology.su.se


Environment and safety issues

Henrik Lennermark, henrik.lennermark@psychology.su.se
Stefan Sanderhem, stefan.sanderhem@psychology.su.se

Information and Communication

Maria Larsson, Professor, maria.larsson@psychology.su.se
Philip Stenström (on leave), Communicator, kommunikation@psychology.su.se


Stefan Sanderhem, stefan.sanderhem@psychology.su.se

Psychotherapy Clinic

Aina Lindgren, Head of Clinic, aina.lindgren@psychology.su.se

The archives

Anna Andersson, anna.andersson@psychology.su.se

Reports from the Department of Psychology

Håkan Fischer, Professor, hakan.fischer@psychology.su.se

Safety representatives

Cecilia Stenfors, cecilia.stenfors@psychology.su.se
If you have questions about safety issues at the department, you can also turn to a safety representative at Stockholm University.


Henrik Dunér, webmaster@psychology.su.se