At that time the department was called the Department of Education but psychology played a dominant role, and later the name was changed to the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy. In 1953 the department split into two separate departments, one of which was the Psychological Institute, later established as the Department of Psychology.

During its history of more than 80 years the department has undergone dynamic development. From humble beginnings it is now one of the largest departments at Stockholm University with over 200 members of staff and about 1000 students attending our courses each semester, with revenues of almost SEK 150.000.000 annually.

From a modest start, the psychologist education has developed into a five-year training programme, fulfilling the requirements to become a licensed psychologist. Since 2007 we also have a psychotherapist programme to license to practice psychotherapy. The range of other courses on offer has developed in a similar manner and our students can be found almost everywhere in society: school, work, sports, health, disabled, law enforcement, road work, etc.

Research has also grown considerably, both in breadth and depth. Currently, we have six divisions engaged in research, both basic and applied, in diverse areas of psychology.

In 1982 the department moved from premises in the city of Stockholm to Frescati Hage near the central campus of Stockholm University. The environment we find ourselves in, on the eastern slope down towards Lake Brunnsviken in the world's first National City Park, is an invaluable asset for students and for all who have their work here.

In 2020 we merged with the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University.

In the summer of 2021 the Department of Psychology will move to Albano, another part of the campus currently being built, half a mile across the street from Frescati Hage.

David Katz, Gösta Ekman, David Magnusson and Lars-Göran Nilsson

Olof Eneroth professors

David Katz 1937-1951
Gösta Ekman 1952-1967
David Magnusson 1969-1993
Lars-Göran Nilsson 1994-2016
Since 2016-12-22 Timo Mäntylä is holder of the Eneroth professorship.