Student theses

Many of our thesis writing students would appreciate the cooperation with companies, authorities and organizations that would like to have aspects of their activities illuminated from a psychological point of view.

Research projects

Collaboration may take place by way of joint research projects. The expertise and input of experienced researchers can reap many rewards, which may include an international perspective


The Psychologist programme includes one semester of internship, which is considered vitally important in the training of future psychologists. Our students are a welcome element in the workplace. If you are interested in hosting an internship, please contact Ingrid Ljunggren,


The Department of Psychology conducts both basic training and second level training in psychotherapy. Therapists are students at various levels under the supervision of experienced psychotherapists. Read more (in Swedish only).

Commissioned courses

All our commissioned courses are held by the Institute for Applied Behavioural Sciences, ITB. Read more (in Swedish only).