We have more than 250 members of staff and more than 1000 students attending our courses on undergraduate and master levels, PhD education and special courses for licensed psychologists. This also includes a 5 year psychologist programme and a 3 year (half-time studies) psychotherapist programme.

We perform research in all major areas of psychology. The research groups are working within six divisions; Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Perception and Psychophysics, Personality Social and Developmental Psychology, and Work and Organizational Psychology. In 2020 we have merged with the Stress Research Institute to further strengthen our research.

Our researchers publish about 300 publications each year, according to the national digital archives, DiVA. Of these more than 250 are scientific articles in international journals.

We run a psychotherapy clinic where students on the last few semesters on the Psychologist programme acts as therapists, supervised by qualified psychotherapists.

We also run a separate institute for commisioned courses, The Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. Customers come from external organizations as well as from departments and other groups at Stockholm University.