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Björn, Jakob, Karin and Per Photo: Robert Johansson

How psychodynamic therapy via internet works for depressed adolescents

Psychodynamic therapy via internet for depressed adolescents has been developed and tried by a group of researchers from the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University.

Sexuella trakasserier på arbetsplatsen

Sexual harassment at work increases suicide risk

Workplace sexual harassment was thought to be a likely risk factor for mental health disorders. Now, a new study by Stockholm University researchers shows a connection between sexual harassment and suicidal behaviour.

Mikael Lundqvist

ERC funding for research into human cognition and generalising artificial intelligence

Artificial neural networks can be trained to handle information in a similar way to the human brain. A crucial difference is that these are not as flexible as the brain. With the support of an ERC Starting Grant, Mikael Lundqvist at the Department of Psychology will learn to understand the neural mechanisms behind the ability of primates to generalise and create flexible artificial networks.

John Axelsson Foto: Sara Appelgren

Sleepiness can have a negative impact on your social life

Being socially active generally increases your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. But if you are active late into the evening, it reduces the number of hours you sleep – and can also affect your social life.

Exchange students

To be able to participate in exchange programs such as Erasmus+ or Nordplus, you must be nominated by your own international coordinator at your home university.


Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.