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About us

The Department of Psychology is a part of the Faculty for Social Sciences and is one of the largest departments at Stockholm University. Research is conducted in a variety of different areas and our research groups are divided into six research divisions. In 2020 we will merge with the Stress Research Institute to further strengthen our research. Our courses span all levels from undergraduate to PhD and include a psychologist programme, a psychotherapist programme and more. We have a psychotherapy clinic with two disciplines of psychotherapy. The department comprises more than 200 members of staff.

Welcome to the Department of Psychology.

Exchange students - Welcome to Stockholm University!

As an exchange student at our Department, most courses are available for exchange students, but please advise the International Coordinator first at

Ingrid Ekström med en så kallad luktpenna. Foto: Roland Fredriksson/Stockholms universitet

PhD studies in psychology

Information to potential applicants to the PhD program in psychology.