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Elmeri Syrjänen, Marco Tullio Liuzza, Håkan Fischer,
et al.
Do Valenced Odors and Trait Body Odor Disgust Affect Evaluation of Emotion in Dynamic Faces? 2017
Abbas Abdollahi, Per Carlbring
Coping Style as a Moderator of Perfectionism and Suicidal Ideation Among Undergraduate Students 2017
Sophia C. Poletti, Annachiara Cavazzana, Cagdas Guducu,
et al.
Indistinguishable odour enantiomers : Differences between peripheral and central-nervous electrophysiological responses 2017
Johanna Stengard, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Erik Berntson,
et al.
Stuck in the job : Does helplessness precede being locked-in at the workplace or vice versa? An analysis of cross-lagged effects 2017
Mårten J. Tyrberg, Per Carlbring, Tobias Lundgren
Implementation of acceptance and commitment therapy training in a psychiatric ward : feasibility, lessons learned and potential effectiveness 2017
Lars-Göran Öst, Thomas H. Ollendick
Brief, intensive and concentrated cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders in children : A systematic review and meta-analysis 2017
Christina Sophia Lloyd, Britt af Klinteberg, Valerie DeMarinis
An Assessment of Existential Worldview Function among Young Women at Risk for Depression and Anxiety : A Multi-Method Study 2017
Britt af Klinteberg, Sven-Erik Johansson, Maria Levander,
et al.
Smoking habits – Associations with personality/behavior, platelet monoamine oxidase activity and plasma thyroid hormone levels 2017
Catarina Canivet, Gunnar Aronsson, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
The negative effects on mental health of being in a non-desired occupation in an increasingly precarious labour market 2017
John F. Stins, Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Femke Hulzinga,
et al.
Words That Move Us. The Effects of Sentences on Body Sway 2017
Gustav Nilsonne, Sandra Tamm, Johanna Schwarz,
et al.
Intrinsic brain connectivity after partial sleep deprivation in young and older adults : results from the Stockholm Sleepy Brain study 2017
Timo Mäntylä, Valentina Coni, Veit Kubik,
et al.
Time takes space : selective effects of multitasking on concurrent spatial processing 2017
Kaisa Törnroos, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Constanze Leineweber
Perceived employability trajectories : A Swedish cohort study 2017
Janina Seubert, Erika J. Laukka, Debora Rizzuto,
et al.
Prevalence and Correlates of Olfactory Dysfunction in Old Age : A Population-Based Study 2017
Leonardo Iaccarino, Konstantinos Chiotis, Pierpaolo Alongi,
et al.
A Cross-Validation of FDG- and Amyloid-PET Biomarkers in Mild Cognitive Impairment for the Risk Prediction to Dementia due to Alzheimer's Disease in a Clinical Setting 2017
Francesco Aletta, Östen Axelsson, Jian Kang
Dimensions Underlying the Perceived Similarity of Acoustic Environments 2017
Victoria Blom, Pia Svedberg, Gunnar Bergström,
et al.
Stress in paid and unpaid work as related to cortisol and subjective health complaints in women working in the public health care sector 2017
Stefan Wiens, Mats E. Nilsson
Performing Contrast Analysis in Factorial Designs : From NHST to Confidence Intervals and Beyond 2017
Roz Shafran, Tracey D. Wade, Sarah J. Egan,
et al.
Is the devil in the detail? : A randomised controlled trial of guided internet-based CBT for perfectionism 2017
Alexander Rozental, Roz Shafran, Tracey Wade,
et al.
A randomized controlled trial of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for perfectionism including an investigation of outcome predictors 2017
Alexander Rozental, Per Carlbring, Gerhard Andersson
Behandlingen av psykisk ohälsa måste regleras : DN Debatt 2017-07-22 2017
Eugenia Razumiejczyk, Carolina Pereyra Girardi, Maria del Carme Crivello,
et al.
Crossmodal interference between language and flavour 2017
Marian E. Papp, Per E. Wändell, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Effects of yogic exercises on functional capacity, lung function and quality of life in participants with obstructive pulmonary disease : a randomized controlled study 2017
Jonas K. Olofsson, Simon Niedenthal, Marie Ehrndal,
et al.
Beyond Smell-O-Vision : Possibilities for Smell-Based Digital Media 2017
Anna Lindqvist, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Emma Bäck
Vem tycker om hen? 2017
Philip Lindner, Alexander Miloff, William Hamilton,
et al.
Creating state of the art, next-generation Virtual Reality exposure therapies for anxiety disorders using consumer hardware platforms : Design considerations and future directions 2017
Martin Cernvall, Per Carlbring, Anna Wikman,
et al.
Twelve-Month Follow-Up of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Internet-Based Guided Self-Help for Parents of Children on Cancer Treatment 2017
Fabio Campanella, Alvisa Palese, Fabio Del Missier,
et al.
Long-Term Cognitive Functioning and Psychological Well-Being in Surgically Treated Patients with Low-Grade Glioma 2017
P. Ankarberg, K. Bergsten, Gunnar Bohman,
et al.
Socialstyrelsens riktlinjer är partiska och ovetenskapliga 2017
Rongwei Zhang, Dan Li, Fei Chen,
et al.
Interparental Conflict Relative to Suicidal Ideation in Chinese Adolescents : The Roles of Coping Strategies and Meaning in Life 2017
Brigitte Vollmer, Aiko Lundequist, Gustaf Mårtensson,
et al.
Correlation between white matter microstructure and executive functions suggests early developmental influence on long fibre tracts in preterm born adolescents 2017
Marco Tullio Liuzza, Torun Lindholm, Caitlin Hawley,
et al.
The Body Odor Disgust Scale (BODS) : Development and Validation of a Novel Olfactory Disgust Assessment 2017
Igor Knez, Louise Ljunglöf, Artin Arshamian,
et al.
Self-grounding visual, auditory and olfactory autobiographical memories 2017
Annachiara Cavazzana, Chiara Begliomini, Patrizia Silvia Bisiacchi
Intentional binding as a marker of agency across the lifespan 2017
Ingrid Ekström, Sara Sjölund, Steven Nordin,
et al.
Smell Loss Predicts Mortality Risk Regardless of Dementia Conversion 2017
Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Juan C. Correa, Gopal Sakarkar,
et al.
Placing joy, surprise and sadness in space : a cross-linguistic study 2017
Deborah Finkel, Ola Sternäng, Åke Wahlin
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Longitudinal Trajectories of Functional Biological Age : Comparisons Across Gender 2017
Radosveta Dimitrova, Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Jitka Tausova,
et al.
Ethnic, Familial, and Religious Identity of Roma Adolescents in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Romania in Relation to Their Level of Well-Being 2017
Ove Almkvist, Ole Bosnes, Ingunn Bosnes,
et al.
Selective impact of disease on short-term and long-term components of self-reported memory : a population-based HUNT study 2017
Mårten J. Tyrberg, Per Carlbring, Tobias Lundgren
Usefulness of the ACT model for nurses in psychiatric inpatient care : A qualitative content analysis 2017
Marco Tullio Liuzza, Jonas K. Olofsson, Agnieszka Sabiniewicz,
et al.
Body Odor Trait Disgust Sensitivity Predicts Perception of Sweat Biosamples 2017
Ola Svenson, Gabriella Eriksson
Mental models of driving and speed : biases, choices and reality 2017
Mari Eneroth, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Karin Schenck Gustafsson,
et al.
Threats or violence from patients was associated with turnover intention among foreign-born GPs - a comparison of four workplace factors associated with attitudes of wanting to quit one's job as a GP 2017
Jakob Jonsson, Ingrid Munck, Rachel Volberg,
et al.
GamTest : Psychometric Evaluation and the Role of Emotions in an Online Self-Test for Gambling Behavior 2017
Allan Abbass, Joel Town, John Ogrodniczuk,
et al.
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Trial Therapy Effectiveness and Role of Unlocking the Unconscious 2017
Sara Sjölund, Maria Larsson, Jonas K. Olofsson,
et al.
Phantom Smells : Prevalence and Correlates in a Population-Based Sample of Older Adults 2017
Christina Regenbogen, John Axelsson, Julie Lasselin,
et al.
Behavioral and neural correlates to multisensory detection of sick humans 2017
Katarzyna Giertuga, Marta Z. Zakrzewska, Maksymilian Bielecki,
et al.
Age-Related Changes in Resting-State EEG Activity in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder : A Cross-Sectional Study 2017
Jin Xue, Tongtong Liu, Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos,
et al.
Age of Acquisition Effects on Word Processing for Chinese Native Learners' English : ERP Evidence for the Arbitrary Mapping Hypothesis 2017
Maria Larsson, Carlos Tirado, Stefan Wiens
A Meta-Analysis of Odor Thresholds and Odor Identification in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2017


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