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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Stefan Wiens, Malina Szychowska, Rasmus Eklund,
et al.
Data on the auditory duration mismatch negativity for different sound pressure levels and visual perceptual loads 2018
Jia He, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver, Velichko H. Fetvadjiev,
et al.
On Enhancing the Cross-Cultural Comparability of Likert-Scale Personality and Value Measures : A Comparison of Common Procedures 2018
Johanna Schwarz, Andreas Gerhardsson, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Age-dependent effects of sleep deprivation on task performance and mind wandering 2018
Gergö Hadlaczky, Sebastian Hökby
Increased suicides during new year, but not during Christmas in Sweden : analysis of cause of death data 2006-2015 2018
Lutz Wittmann, Thomas Anstadt, Tamara Fischmann,
et al.
Ein Traum, zwei Methoden : das Traumseminar nach Morgenthaler und das Zurich Dream Proces Coding System im Vergleich 2018
Ulrika Långh, Martin Hammar, Lars Klintwall,
et al.
Allegiance and knowledge levels of professionals working with early intensive behavioural intervention in autism 2018
Thomas H. Ollendick, Sarah M. Ryan, Nicole N. Capriola-Hall,
et al.
The mediating role of changes in harm beliefs and coping efficacy in youth with specific phobias 2018
Anna Andreasson, Helena Schiller, Torbjörn Åkerstedt,
et al.
Brief report : Contemplate your symptoms and re-evaluate your health. A study on working adults. 2018
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Mats Lekander, Gustav Nilsonne,
et al.
Effects of late-night short-sleep on in-home polysomnography : relation to adult age and sex 2018
Andreas Gerhardsson, Håkan Fischer, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Emotional working memory in older adults after total sleep deprivation 2018
Martina Lind, Mimi Visentini, Timo Mäntylä,
et al.
Choice-Supportive Misremembering : A New Taxonomy and Review 2018
Kim Ströberg, Lau M. Andersen, Stefan Wiens
Electrocortical N400 Effects of Semantic Satiation 2018
Peter Lilliengren, Robert Johansson, Joel M. Town,
et al.
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for generalized anxiety disorder : A pilot effectiveness and process-outcome study 2018
Liv Thalén, Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock, Ove Almkvist,
et al.
Do adapted vignettes improve medical decision-making capacity forindividuals with Alzheimer's disease? 2018
Annachiara Cavazzana, Maria Larsson, Marcus Münch,
et al.
Postinfectious olfactory loss : A retrospective study on 791 patients 2018
Östen Axelsson
Perceived Quality of Urban Open Space : A Stockholm Case Study 2018
Elisabet Borg, Johanna Andersson, Elin Wigert
Using psychophysical scaling, the Borg centiMax® Scale (CR100), in questionnaires to study work-related needs and behaviors 2018
Elisabet Borg, Jessica Sundell
Scaling depression with psychophysical scaling : A comparison between the Borg CR Scale® (CR100, centiMax®) and PHQ-9 on a non-clinical sample 2018
Jin Yong Jeon, Joo Young Hong, Catherine Lavandier,
et al.
A cross-national comparison in assessment of urban park soundscapes in France, Korea, and Sweden through laboratory experiments 2018
Annika Härenstam
Inclusion, sustainability, and equality : how can research contribute? 2018
Nichel Gonzalez
Different investors–different decisions : On individual use of gain, loss and interest rate information 2018
Henrik Nordström, Petri Laukka, Nutankumar S. Thingujam,
et al.
Emotion appraisal dimensions inferred from vocal expressions are consistent across cultures : a comparison between Australia and India 2017
Robert Johansson, Thomas Hesslow, Brjánn Ljótsson,
et al.
Internet-based affect-focused psychodynamic therapy for social anxiety disorder : A randomized controlled trial with 2-year follow-up 2017
Pia Risholm Mothander, Kerstin Neander
Trygghetscirkeln som stöd till späd- och småbarnsfamiljer - användbarhet och effekter 2017
Anne-Wil Kruijt, Per Carlbring
Processing confusing procedures in the recent re-analysis of a cognitive bias modification (CBM) meta-analysis 2017
Ola Svenson, Daniëlle Treurniet
Speed reductions and judgments of travel time loss : Biases and debiasing 2017
Richard M. Piech, Daniela Strelchuk, Jake Knights,
et al.
People with higher interoceptive sensitivity are more altruistic, but improving interoception does not increase altruism 2017
Matilda Berg, S Johansson, L Liljetörn,
et al.
The role of knowledge in Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent depression : Results from a randomized controlled trial 2017
Alexander Rozental, Anna Malmquist
Opportunities and restrictions : A discourse analysis of lesbian womens’ experiences of creating a family through assisted reproduction in Swedish public healthcare 2017
Tine Nordgreen, Rolf Gjestad, Gerhard Andersson,
et al.
The implementation of guided Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for panic disorder in a routine-care setting: effectiveness and implementation efforts 2017
Abbas Abdollahi, Simin Hosseinian, Ahmad Beh-Pajooh,
et al.
Self-Concealment Mediates the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Attitudes Toward Seeking Psychological Help Among Adolescents 2017
Annika Lantz
NPM och tillit : Om handlingsutrymmets psykologiska innebörd och betydelse 2017
Constanze Leineweber, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Paraskevi Peristera,
et al.
Interactional justice at work is related to sickness absence : a study using repeated measures in the Swedish working population 2017
Andrzej Werbart, Karin Engqvist, Sofia Lind
“It was like having half of the patient in therapy” : Therapists of nonimproved patients looking back on their work 2017
Ola Svenson
Preface 2017
Georgios Iatropoulos, Jonas Olofsson, Pawel Herman,
et al.
Analysis of Statistics and Semantic Relations of Odor-Describing Words in Written Olfactory Versus Non-Olfactory Contexts 2017
Ingrid Ljunggren
Samtalet som psykologisk metod 2017
Ingrid Ljunggren
Stödsamtal och stödterapi 2017
Maria Larsson, Artin Arshamian, Stina Cornell Kärnekull
Odor-Based Context Dependent Memory 2017
Sigrid Salomonsson, Fredrik Santoft, Elin Lindsäter,
et al.
Cognitive-behavioural therapy and return-to-work intervention for patients on sick leave due to common mental disorders : a randomised controlled trial 2017
M. Powers, Per Carlbring
Recent Advances in Virtual Reality Therapy 2017
Per Carlbring
Using the internet and virtual reality to treat psychological problems 2017
Vladimir Jović, Sverre Varvin, Bent Rosenbaum,
et al.
Sleep Studies in Serbian Victims of Torture : Analysis of Traumatic Dreams 2017
Guillermo Campitelli, Guillermo Macbeth, Raydonal Ospina,
et al.
Three Strategies for the Critical Use of Statistical Methods in Psychological Research 2017

Flucht, Migration und Trauma : Die Folgen für die nächste Generation 2017
Stephan Hau
Einleitung 2017
Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring
Internet-based brief therapies 2017
Aleksandra Bujacz, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Thomas Rigotti,
et al.
Task-level work engagement of self-employed and organizationally employed high-skilled workers 2017
Rebecca B. Price, Jennie M. Kuckertz, Nader Amir,
et al.
Less is more : Patient-level meta-analysis reveals paradoxical dose-response effects of a computer-based social anxiety intervention targeting attentional bias 2017
Andreas Jemstedt, Veit Kubik, Fredrik U. Jönsson
What moderates the accuracy of ease of learning judgments? 2017


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