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Senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Johanna Schwarz, Andreas Gerhardsson, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Age-dependent effects of sleep deprivation on task performance and mind wandering 2018
Andreas Gerhardsson, Håkan Fischer, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Emotional working memory in older adults after total sleep deprivation 2018
Annika Härenstam
Inclusion, sustainability, and equality : how can research contribute? 2018
Annika Lantz
NPM och tillit : Om handlingsutrymmets psykologiska innebörd och betydelse 2017
Constanze Leineweber, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Paraskevi Peristera,
et al.
Interactional justice at work is related to sickness absence : a study using repeated measures in the Swedish working population 2017
Aleksandra Bujacz, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Thomas Rigotti,
et al.
Task-level work engagement of self-employed and organizationally employed high-skilled workers 2017
Magnus Sverke, Helena Falkenberg, Göran Kecklund,
et al.
Women and men and their working conditions : The importance of organizational and psychosocial factors for work-related and health-related outcomes 2017
Maria Öhrstedt, Petra Lindfors
Linkages between approaches to learning, perceived stress and expected and actual academic outcomes among first-semester psychology students 2017
Pia Svedberg, L. Mather, G. Bergström,
et al.
Are time pressure and sleep problems due to thoughts about work risk factors for future sick leave? 2017
Urmi Nanda Biswas, Karin Allard, Anders Pousette,
et al.
Understanding Attractive Work in a Globalized World : Studies from India and Sweden 2017
Ingrid Steen Rostad, Ann Fridner, Marie Gustafsson Sendén,
et al.
Paid Sick Leave as a Means to Reduce Sickness Presenteeism Among Physicians 2017
Petra Lindfors
Perspektiv på hälsa : Omvårdnad utifrån individens styrkor 2017
Johnny Hellgren, Helena Falkenberg, Sofia Malmrud,
et al.
Lön, motivation och prestation : Psykologiska perspektiv på verksamhetsnära lönesättning 2017
Pascale M. Le Blanc, Beatrice I. J. M. Van der Heijden, Tinka Van Vuuren
"I WILL SURVIVE" A Construct Validation Study on the Measurement of Sustainable Employability Using Different Age Conceptualizations 2017
Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Nele De Cuyper, Megan Murphy,
et al.
How Do We Feel and Behave When We’re Not Permanent Full-Time Employees? The Case of the Diverse Forms of Non-Standard Work 2017
Nik Chmiel, Franco Fraccaroli, Magnus Sverke
Introduction 2017
Magnus Sverke, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
How do we react when our organization changes? Perspectives on employees' appraisal of change, consequences, and mitigating factors 2017
Jakob Jonsson, Max W. Abbott, Anders Sjöberg,
et al.
Measuring Gambling Reinforcers, Over Consumption and Fallacies : The Psychometric Properties and Predictive Validity of the Jonsson-Abbott Scale 2017
Jonas Welander, Wanja Astvik, Johnny Hellgren
Stressrelaterad ohälsa och arbetstrivsel hos medarbetare och chefer i socialtjänsten 2017
Wanja Astvik, Jonas Welander, Kerstin Isaksson
Sorti, tystnad och lojalitet bland medarbetare och chefer i socialtjänsten 2017
Petra Lindfors, Helena Falkenberg, Göran Kecklund,
et al.
A meta-review of job demands and job resources as related to various health-related outcomes among women and men with different occupations 2017
Petra Lindfors, P. Svedberg, G. Bergström,
et al.
Stress in paid and unpaid work as related to salivary cortisol measures and subjective health complaints in women working in the public sector 2017
Helena Falkenberg, Katharina Näswall, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Working in the Same Sector, in the Same Organization and in the Same Occupation : Women and Men Physicians’ Work Climate and Health Complaints 2017
Petra Lindfors, Helena Falkenberg, Magnus Sverke
Job demands and job resources as related to job attitudes and work-related health outcomes among women and men with different occupations 2017
Petra Lindfors
Time for a healthy balance? Linking work/life interference and total workload to health-related outcomes in women and men 2017
Hanna Augustsson, Anne Richter, Henna Hasson,
et al.
The Need for Dual Openness to Change : A Longitudinal Study Evaluating the Impact of Employees' Openness to Organizational Change Content and Process on Intervention Outcomes 2017
Magnus Sverke, Helena Falkenberg, Göran Kecklund,
et al.
A Meta-Review Of Job Demands And Job Resources As Related To Work-Related Attitudes And Behaviours Among Women And Men With Different Occupations 2017
Johanna Stengård, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Erik Berntson,
et al.
Stuck in the job : Does helplessness precede being locked-in at the workplace or vice versa? An analysis of cross-lagged effects 2017
Marianne Sørli
Arbeidsmiljøets betydning for turnoverintensjon og faktisk turnover blant ledere i offentlig sektor 2017
Annika Lantz, Anders Sjöberg, Peter Friedrich
Cross-boundary collaboration and team innovation 2017
Catarina Canivet, Gunnar Aronsson, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel,
et al.
The negative effects on mental health of being in a non-desired occupation in an increasingly precarious labour market 2017
Kaisa Törnroos, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Constanze Leineweber
Perceived employability trajectories : A Swedish cohort study 2017
Eva Charlotta Nylén, Petra Lindfors, Pascale Le Blanc,
et al.
Do personal resources matter beyond job demands and job resources? Main and interaction effects on health-related outcomes among women working within the welfare sector 2017
Eva Charlotta Nylén, Petra Lindfors, Pascale Le Blanc,
et al.
Can a managerial intervention focusing on job demands, job resources, and personal resources improve the work situation of employees? 2017
Johnny Hellgren, Katharina Näswall, Anne Richter,
et al.
Meta-Analysis on Job Insecurity and its Outcomes : An Extension of Previous Knowledge 2017
Victoria Blom, Pia Svedberg, Gunnar Bergström,
et al.
Stress in paid and unpaid work as related to cortisol and subjective health complaints in women working in the public health care sector 2017
Maria Öhrstedt, Petra Lindfors
First-semester students' capacity to predict academic achievement as related to approaches to learning 2017
Maria Öhrstedt, Max Scheja
Targeting efficient studying ­­– first-semester psychology students’ experiences 2017
Marian E. Papp, Per E. Wändell, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Effects of yogic exercises on functional capacity, lung function and quality of life in participants with obstructive pulmonary disease : a randomized controlled study 2017
Mari Eneroth, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Karin Schenck Gustafsson,
et al.
Threats or violence from patients was associated with turnover intention among foreign-born GPs - a comparison of four workplace factors associated with attitudes of wanting to quit one's job as a GP 2017
Sofia Malmrud, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Chefens kön och medarbetarens lön : Upplevelsen av individuell prestationsbaserad lönesättning 2017
Gunnar Aronsson, Ulf Lundberg
Rehabilitering och samordning : Slutrapport: Utvärdering av Rehsams forskningsprogram 2009–2011 2017
Sofia Malmrud, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Pay no attention to my gender : Effects of gender in the pay-setting process 2017
Pedro Torrente, Ulla Kinnunen, Marjaana Sianoja,
et al.
The Effects of Relaxation Exercises and Park Walks During Workplace Lunch Breaks on Physiological Recovery 2017

An Introduction to Work and Organizational Psychology : An international perspective 2017
Annika Lantz Friedrich, Daniela Ulber
Why Are We in a Team? Effects of Teamwork and How to Enhance Team Effectiveness 2017
Lena Låstad, Johnny Hellgren, Katharina Näswall,
et al.
Do the Consequences of Job Insecurity Differ between Cultural and Welfare Contexts? Meta-Analytic Findings 2017
Magnus Sverke, Lena Låstad
Job Insecurity and its Consequences : What do we know and where to go? 2017
Eva Charlotta Nylén, Petra Lindfors, Lars Ishäll,
et al.
A pilot-study of a worksite based participatory intervention program : Its acceptability and short-term effects on work climate and attitudes in human service employees 2017
Gunnar Aronsson, Töres Theorell, Tom Grape,
et al.
A systematic review including meta-analysis of work environment and burnout symptoms 2017


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