Psychotherapy may be seen as a cooperative relationship between two people - the client and the psychotherapist. In cooperation with each other, they attempt to understand the client's problems.

Within the framework of the course in psychology, we offer psychotherapy treatment. The psychotherapy is conducted on an individual basis, in the form of regular 45 minutes sessions held once a week for a maximum of three semesters. The therapists/students are supervised by licensed psychotherapists and experienced supervisors.

In order to ensure high-quality treatment and to evaluate the therapies, the department may ask you to answer a number of questionnaires about your problems and your own evaluation of the therapy. The responses are anonymous.

There are two disciplines of psychotherapy in the programmes: psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. The way we describe the difference between the disciplines is:

If you want to receive help in dealing with your problems together with a student/therapist by:

  • working through and changing your current situation, from the perspective of your previous experiences?
  • trying to better understand how uncounsious feelings and perceptions affect you and your problems?

Then psychodynamic psychotherapy is the form of treatment you should seek. Please email Lic. Psychotherapist Thomas Lindgren at for more information.

If you, in cooperation with a student/therapist, want to work:

  • with a focus on your particular problems and how they affect you today?
  • actively and specifically on changing your problems?

Then cognitive behavioural therapy is the best form of treatment for you. Please phone Lic. Psychotherapist Anna-Clara Hellstadius at for more information.

Address to the Psychotherapy clinic

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